B.A.P's Himchan Apologizes For Previous Wrongdoings

On June 13, B.A.P’s Himchan posted an apology on his Instagram account.

Here is his statement as follows:

Hello, this is Kim Himchan.

First of all, I’m sorry for speaking about this late.

I know it’s overdue, but I wanted to apologize, so I am writing about this now.

I would like to apologize to those who believed in me and waited for me regarding all my actions so far.

There are many reasons why I am speaking up about this belatedly, but I have been staying quiet because of the many articles and stories that are different from the truth.

I’m sorry for making you worry about various incidents.

Furthermore, I am aware of my negligence and mistakes, and I apologize for everything.

I hope everyone will be happy.

Please forgive me for only being able to repay those who have believed in me this way.

I apologize, and I’m sorry again.

I hope everyone will be happy without any incidents.

Good-bye. Thank you for everything.

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Himchan was charged with committing an indecent act by compulsion against a woman in her twenties (hereafter referred to as “A”) at a guest house in Namyangju on July 24, 2018. According to A, there had been three men and three women – including herself and Himchan – drinking together at the house at the time of the incident.

In February 2021, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced Himchan to 10 months in prison. He has also been ordered to complete 40 hours of a sexual violence treatment program. In March 2021, he filed a written appeal protesting the sentence he received in his first trial. It’s reported that the prosecution also filed an appeal, and so an appellate trial will be held.

In addition, Himchan was booked for violation of traffic laws in October 2020. At the time he was discovered by police, his blood alcohol content was high enough to have his driver’s license suspended.

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