Watch: Kang Tae Oh Gives Behind-The-Scenes Tour Of His Café In

tvN’s “Doom at Your Service” released a new making-of video!

The behind-the-scenes video begins with an interview with Kang Tae Oh as his character Lee Hyun Kyu. He explains that he established a café because he had no clear vision about his future at his age. Kang Tae Oh comments, “People around me said that I looked like I had a lot of free time as a café owner, but I’m working very busily where people can’t see.”

When asked about his work-life balance, Kang Tae Oh asks, “Tae Oh? Hyun Kyu? Mine is very high. I’m very satisfied about this life. I feel a lot of leisure.” On his reason for hiring Tak Sun Kyung (SF9‘s Dawon), Kang Tae Oh shares, “I accepted his application within one second. I couldn’t win against his earnest gaze.” He continues to reveal that he’s willing to guarantee a good work-life balance for Tak Sun Kyung. Kang Tae Oh comments, “I should give him a raise.”

Inside the café, Kang Tae Oh awkwardly introduces himself as his character Lee Hyun Kyu. He confesses, “It’s honestly my first time here too.” Giving a closer look at the menu, Kang Tae Oh shares, “Oh, the plum smoothie sounds delicious. I like fruits. The hallabong (orange grown on Jeju island) smoothie also sounds good.”

Continuing to examine the menu, Kang Tae Oh asks, “What’s a flat white?” He also gets confused about the various abbreviations for different drinks that are commonly used these days. Kang Tae Oh explains that he worked part-time at a café when he was 20 years old. He shares, “I know how to brew coffee. I can make it well.” Showing an example, Kang Tae Oh states, “I think it’s the first time I’ve brewed coffee in seven years.”

When Lee Soo Hyuk returns the tray of drinks to him, Kang Tae Oh asks, “You left behind a lot. Was it not to your taste?” Lee Soo Hyuk nods, and Kang Tae Oh asks, “Do you like juice? You should have told me sooner.”

Walking around the café during his break, Kang Tae Oh is at a loss for what to say to the viewers. At the end, he admits, “I was slightly nervous, so I don’t even remember what I said. You still had fun watching, though, right?” The video finishes off with a preview of Shin Do Hyun as the next cast member to lead the making-of video.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video below!

Catch up with the drama below:

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