Watch: Kim So Yeon, Eugene, And Lee Ji Ah Show Off Chemistry And Teamwork In

The Penthouse 3” has released a new behind-the-scenes video!


At the start, Kim So Yeon, Eugene, and Lee Ji Ah patiently and diligently rehearse for their outdoor scene. As they prepare for the action scene where Lee Ji Ah pushes Kim So Yeon off a cliff, Lee Ji Ah adorably points to the muddy water and comments, “soybean paste stew!”

Later, they record an audio-only scene where Kim So Yeon is shouting at the other two to let go of her. In contrast to the angry audio, both Eugene and Lee Ji Ah laugh throughout. Once the director calls cut, Eugene expresses her satisfaction that she was able to squeeze a “shut up!” into the scene.

After the initial cliff scene, Kim So Yeon excitedly comments, “I’m not scared anymore.” Lee Ji Ah and Eugene take funny photos with the bag that was originally over Kim So Yeon’s head and they point out the diving team in the water below. Eugene shares, “They’re ready to catch us no matter what!”

Kim So Yeon decides to personally complete her wire stunt of falling off the cliff and Eugene and Lee Ji Ah express their amazement as they comment, “Can you do it?!” Despite her fears, Kim So Yeon comes up from the wire with a big smile, proving her professionalism and dedication. Eugene jokingly adds, “It looks like you’re having fun.”

Watch the making-of clip below!

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