CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa Talks About Acting With Jang Nara + How He Approached His Role In

CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa participated in an interview to talk about his recently-ended drama “Sell Your Haunted House.”

KBS’s “Sell Your Haunted House” is a drama about a real estate agent and a con artist who team up to exorcise spirits and evil auras from haunted properties. Jang Nara played Hong Ji Ah, the hot-tempered exorcist and the boss of Daebak Real Estate, while Jung Yong Hwa played Oh In Bum, a conman who pretends to believe in ghosts to make a living.

In the interview, Jung Yong Hwa said, “While I was in the military, I thought a lot about the next acting project I wanted to do. I thought to myself that I should do something that gave me a good feeling from the start. When I got the script for ‘Sell Your Haunted House,’ I felt that it was really fresh. There were a lot of things that I could try: doing impressions, comedic acting, action scenes, and more. More than anything else, I knew that I wanted to work with Jang Nara.”

He added, “I think I was particularly drawn to the character. When I read the script, I knew that I would be good at the role. The character wasn’t particularly sleazy at first, but when I read it, I thought that it would be fun to act like that, so I made that side of him stronger while playing him. I tried to put some of my own personality into Oh In Bum as well. I can be bright or sly when talking to other people, but I’m also serious when it counts.”

About his co-star Jang Nara, he said, “I realized that I had a lot to learn from her. She’s much more of a senior than me, but it wasn’t like she was telling me, ‘Do it like this.’ Instead, she often told me, ‘You’re doing well.’ She would give me advice like, ‘It would be good if you did it more like this.’ Thanks to her, I think I was able to escape from everything that I’d built up in my head. I learned a lot from her.”

He continued, “Even before I did this drama, I thought that Jang Nara really only picked good projects. I was curious about how she always chose such good dramas. And she’s so good at acting. When I heard that she was cast in this drama, I really wanted to work with her. I’d grown up hearing that she looked so young for her age on TV. But when I saw her in real life, she did really look young for her age. It didn’t look like there was much of an age difference between us.”

Jung Yong Hwa also shared how his 30s had changed his outlook on work like acting in dramas. “I worked really hard in my 20s,” he said. “At the start of my debut, I would only eat kimbap and sleep for two hours and work. I’d think, ‘I can enjoy life once I’m in my 30s.’ I never did anything half-heartedly and did my best at all times. But now that I think about it, I have no memories of me enjoying myself during my 20s.”

He went on, “I don’t know why I felt so much pressure. Until I went to the military, I only worked and didn’t look around me at all. Whether as a singer or as an actor. Even achieving 90 percent is an accomplishment, but I wouldn’t be satisfied with it. A lot of that pressure went away when I was in the military and spending time with others who were younger than me. I was able to let go of a lot of that pressure while working on ‘Sell Your Haunted House.’ In the past, I’d get caught up in the ratings, but this time I didn’t worry about that. I don’t know how time passed so fast. It was the first time I’d felt like that for a drama, so I think I have particular affection for this one.”

Check him out in “Sell Your Haunted House” below!

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