3 Relationships To Keep An Eye On In The 2nd Half Of

My Roommate Is a Gumiho” is already entering its second half!

tvN’s “My Roommate Is a Gumiho” is a romantic comedy based on a popular webtoon that tells the story of a 22-year-old college student named Lee Dam (played by Girl’s Day’s Hyeri) who accidentally swallows the marble of a 999-year-old male gumiho (a mythological nine-tailed fox) named Shin Woo Yeo (played by Jang Ki Yong), who was close to achieving his goal of becoming human.


Previously, Shin Woo Yeo realized his feelings for Lee Dam, and love came to blossom between Yang Hye Sun (Kang Han Na) and Do Jae Jin (Kim Do Wan).

Below are three reasons to anticipate the second half of the drama!

Shin Woo Yeo & Lee Dam: Will their love bloom?

As Shin Woo Yeo began to realize his feelings for Lee Dam, the romance in the plot kicked off. After losing his first love, Shin Woo Yeo closed the door to his heart, raising questions about how the romance between Shin Woo Yeo and Lee Dam, who has been single all her life, will develop.

Viewers are also curious to learn if Shin Woo Yeo will be able to make his marble blue in order to become a human. With less than a year remaining in the 1,000-year time period given by the mountain god (Go Kyung Pyo), Shin Woo Yeo took back the marble in fear that Lee Dam would lose her life after getting her vital force stolen. Thus, in order for Shin Woo Yeo to become human, he has to gather energy through someone else, or he has to give Lee Dam the marble again. The second half of the drama raises questions on how the couple will overcome this difficulty and whether Shin Woo Yeo will be able to achieve a happy ending by becoming human.

Yang Hye Sun & Do Jae Jin: The beginning of a beautiful romance

As the romance between Yang Hye Sun and Do Jae Jin ripens, they’ll deliver even more heart-fluttering excitement to the viewers. Yang Hye Sun, who transformed into a human from a gumiho five years ago, started to show interest in the innocent Do Jae Jin. Do Jae Jin also began to reciprocate the interest as he discovered Yang Hye Sun’s unexpectedly klutzy charm.

As their interest in each other gradually develops into affection, the second half of the drama will deliver the story of how the two will become a couple and depict the fresh and lovable developments in their relationship. In particular, Do Jae Jin’s innocent and straightforward approach to gaining Yang Hye Sun’s favor will put smiles on viewers’ faces.

Gye Sun Woo’s one-sided love for Lee Dam

Another question that remains to be answered is how Lee Dam’s relationship with Gye Sun Woo (Bae In Hyuk) will change. Gye Sun Woo approached Lee Dam with curiosity because she would curtly refuse his advances unlike other people. However, his feelings gradually became genuine, causing him to suffer from one-sided love. It was recently revealed that Gye Sun Woo had bet on Lee Dam’s feelings with his friends, causing their relationship to go further astray.

However, Gye Sun Woo sincerely apologized to Lee Dam and put in effort to become Lee Dam’s ideal type, which is a “good person.” In episode 9, Gye Sun Woo confessed his feelings to Lee Dam, and Lee Dam appeared to feel a little better about the situation. Viewers are curious to find out if Gye Sun Woo’s one-sided feelings will affect Lee Dam’s relationship with Shin Woo Yeo.

The production team shared, “‘My Roommate Is a Gumiho’ has just passed the halfway mark. As the couples Woo Yeo and Dam, Hye Sun and Jae Jin, and Dam and Sun Woo all encounter turning points, romance that’s sometimes sweet and sometimes heart-thrilling will unfold. Particularly in the second half, the couples will each captivate viewers with different charms, so please tune in with affection until the end.”

“My Roommate Is a Gumiho” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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