THE BOYZ’s Agency Takes Legal Action Against Sasaengs + Issues Warning To Perpetrators

THE BOYZ’s agency has released a statement announcing legal action against sasaengs (people who violate the privacy of an artist).

On June 22, the agency uploaded an official statement to the group’s fan cafe describing the inappropriate behavior, issuing warnings, and announcing legal action. Read the post below:


This is the representative for THE BOYZ’s fan club.

First, we want to thank the fans who have sent THE BOYZ lots of support. Despite the repeated announcements we’ve made, incidents like visiting personal spaces (office building, dorm, salon, etc.), following the artist’s moving car, and filming unofficial schedules and personal spaces are repeatedly occurring, so we are once again making an announcement.

After finding unofficial schedules, despite restraint from staff members, these people interrupt the progress and movement of filming. This behavior has result in repeated damages, including financial damages with regards to content, as well as both internal and external complaints.

Also, due to acts that only consider one’s personal interests, such as filming the members’ resting area and secretly entering their dorm where their private life should be protected, waiting for them there and talking to them while filming, both the artists and staff are experiencing severe mental and physical distress.

This morning at dawn, we discovered people waiting after sneaking into the dorm building where the members live, and caught some trying to escape after we reported them to the police. We inform that legal action has been taken in accordance to the Punishment of Minor Offenses Act.

In addition, we are currently tracking down those who took pictures in the dorm building through the CCTV footage handed over to the police. We would like you to note that as soon as these people are identified, they will be transferred to a police station for trespassing and fleeing the scene.

Due to the inappropriate behavior [making noise, smoking, drinking, blocking roads, filming artists and civilians] all day around the dorm and the streets surrounding the office building, and in accordance to the increasing number of complaints from those in the respective and neighboring buildings, the police are taking over for further investigation.

After this announcement, in the case of continued inappropriate behavior, including visiting personal spaces [office building, dorm, salon] and filming unofficial schedules, these people will be banned from all fan activities without warning. Also without warning, we plan to collect evidence from our cars’ black boxes and building CCTVs to take legal action.

On top of finding our artists and making them uncomfortable, we ask that you immediately stop acquiring their contact information illegally and constantly calling and messaging them. We once again ask that this behavior that is only for personal gain and causes inconvenience to others is put to a stop. We ask that you cooperate so that our artists avoid damage.

Thank you to The B [THE BOYZ’s official fan club] who read this post of bad news to the end. We will work to better protect our artists’ safety.

Thank you.

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