Update: INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu Fully Recovers From COVID-19

Updated July 7 KST:

INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu has recovered fully from COVID-19 after testing positive on June 27.

Read his agency’s latest update below:


This is DHTNE.

This is an announcement regarding our artist Kim Sungkyu.

After testing positive for COVID-19 on June 27, Kim Sungkyu promptly entered a residential treatment center and received treatment according to the manual set up by health authorities.

As of today, July 7 (Wednesday), he was informed that he has fully recovered from COVID-19 and was released from mandatory self-quarantine. Thanks to the attention and support from many people, Kim Sungkyu has currently returned to his daily life in good health.

We once again deeply apologize for this incident that caused fans and many others to worry. He will greet you in good health in the future.

We wish a speedy recovery for all those who are going through difficult times due to COVID-19.

Thank you.

Original Article:

INFINITE’s Kim Sungkyu has tested positive for COVID-19 and is asymptomatic.

Read the statement released by his agency on June 27 for the details:


This is Kim Sungkyu’s agency DHTNE.

On the morning of June 27, our artist Kim Sungkyu was notified that he tested positive for COVID-19.

Kim Sungkyu had been getting tested for COVID-19 every week to prepare for his musical “Gwanghwamun Love Song.” Moreover, he was vaccinated with the Janssen vaccine on June 10, but he tested positive today.

Kim Sungkyu is asymptomatic, and there are no particular issues with his physical condition.

For the staff and employees who crossed paths or came into contact with him, we have completed taking necessary measures such as having them tested.

Kim Sungkyu will halt all activities and follow the guidelines set by health authorities. Related staff and employees who came into close contact will enter self-quarantine regardless of the test results.

Our company will actively cooperate with the government’s guidelines to do our best with disease prevention and will work harder to manage our artists.

We apologize for causing concern.

Thank you.

We wish Kim Sungkyu a quick recovery.

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