Smart And Charming: 5 Reasons To Watch C-Drama

The Imperial Coroner” follows Chu Chu (Su Xiao Tong), a daughter of a family of coroners, who travels to Chang’an to realize her dreams of becoming a coroner. While in the capital, she meets Xiao Jin Yu (Wang Zi Qi), an imperial prince as well as the head of the legal criminal department. The two join hands to solve tricky cases which lead them to uncover a bigger underlying conspiracy.

The drama aired with little fanfare but successfully garnered good ratings and positive feedback from viewers to become the dark horse of the summer. Here are five reasons why!

Warning: minor spoilers on the drama below.

Clever and well-constructed plot

If you’re a fan of detective stories, this one is well-written and clever. “The Imperial Coroner” is a crime mystery mixed with political intrigue and a tinge of dry humor. There are no filler episodes, and the cases are well-crafted and interconnected. You can tell that the writers have put much thought and care into the story through their attention to detail and research. The call-back to previous details will make you exclaim with wonder. Even though you might be a little confused at the start, everything comes together perfectly at the end. At 36 episodes, the plot never loses steam at any point. You will be hooked from beginning to end!

Fun and creative presentations

From the illustrations and animations during the autopsies to the reenactments of the crime scenes by the male and female leads, the drama employs fun and creative methods to explain the cases. The visual cues are interesting and helpful while the reenactments are opportunities for skinship between our main couple so thank you, writers!

Smart and likable characters

Smart and likable characters are not hard to come by, but it’s refreshing that all of the main characters in “The Imperial Coroner” are smart in their own ways and contribute to the mystery-solving endeavors. Illogical misunderstandings or questionable actions can sometimes take you out of the plot. Thankfully, most of the characters, even the villains, act reasonably and have clear motivations.

Our male lead, Xiao Jin Yu, is respectful, honest, and brilliant. In some aspects, he’s almost too good to be true. Our lovely female lead, Chu Chu, is intelligent and sincere. Though she can be a little naive, she’s conscientious and reliable. Our second male lead, Jing Yi, who may look frivolous at first glance, is funny and resourceful. Leng Yue, the resident martial art expert, is loyal and feisty. General Xiao Jin Li, Xiao Jin Yu’s older brother, is kind and protective. All of them are endearing and will definitely grow on you as the story progresses.

The friendships and teamwork

The goods news is that there is no infuriating love triangle getting in the way of friendships and teamwork here! Furthermore, there isn’t a Sherlock Holmes-type character who solves everything by himself. Our main characters showcase their solid teamwork and chemistry by banding together to solve crimes as well as support one another along the way.

From childhood friends Xiao Jin Yu and Jing Yi’s steadfast trust and faith in each other to the bromance between Xiao Jin Yu and Xiao Jin Li, the rare brothers in a historical drama who are not fighting for power, you will enjoy the dynamics and interactions between the characters. They always have each other’s back! The supportive relationship between the two female characters, Chu Chu and Leng Yue, will warm your heart too. Chu Chu is full of admiration for the kick-ass Leng Yue, who protects her during a fight.

Slow-burn romance

Our responsible characters spend a lot of time being good at their job so romance is not the main focus here. The drama takes its time to develop and tease the relationship between our main leads. Yet there’s something about a good slow-burn romance that makes it even more satisfying when the couple finally gets together.

Our main couple starts with admiring each other’s capabilities to slowly falling for each other. The slow blossoming romance between Chu Chu and Xiao Jin Yu feels genuine and fitting for both of their personalities too. They are generally level-headed and down to earth. But of course, the usually composed Xiao Jin Yu also gets ruffled when something happens to Chu Chu.

Our main couple is so sweet and lovable that you can’t help rooting for them. Chu Chu gives Xiao Jin Yu a handkerchief with a bone sewn on it. But it’s not just any bone, it’s Chu Chu’s favorite bone – the one closest to the human heart. You can feel your heartbeat when you place your hand on this bone. Geeky and cute!

Look at the way he places his hand on the bone and his smile after!

While some might gift flowers or accessories to their lover, our male lead goes the extra mile to make autopsy equipment for our female lead. Aren’t they just perfectly matched? There’s not a single bone to pick with this couple!

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