Watch: Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, And Bae In Hyuk Playfully Tease Each Other On Set Of

KBS 2TV’s “At a Distance Spring is Green” released a new making-of video!

The behind-the-scenes video begins with Park Ji Hoon and Na In Woo acting as brothers with a terrible relationship. However, as soon as filming ends, the two actors smile brightly while greeting each other.

Na In Woo shares, “The character I’ve take on, Yeo Joon Wan, is the older brother of the main character Yeo Joon (Park Ji Hoon). They both grew up in a bad family environment, but the way they face that is very different, so I feel that a fun point for viewers to look out for will be the brothers’ chemistry.”

While filming a scene at the hospital, Bae In Hyuk asks Park Ji Hoon, “Why did you come here looking so cool? Did you come directly from the club?” To the camera, Bae In Hyuk asks, “Do you see this? He is a friend with a lot of money, and I’m someone who doesn’t have any money. I fainted while working at a construction site. Joon came after having fun at a club.”

Bae In Hyuk hides the money he intends to give Park Ji Hoon underneath his jacket despite not having a pocket there. He shares, “Joon thinks I made this money by working hard, but I honestly sold my house. I’ve been living at a sauna.” Park Ji Hoon asks, “You didn’t steal it, right? I’ll eat it well. Lunch is on me today.”

When asked if he’s satisfied with the amount of money Bae In Hyuk gave him for the watch, Park Ji Hoon replies, “I’m not satisfied. It’s not enough.” Bae In Hyuk comments, “I sold my house, but he’s not satisfied.” Park Ji Hoon reveals, “This watch costs 3.5 million won (approximately $3,080).” Bae In Hyuk wonders if he has to sell his organs, but Park Ji Hoon quickly stops him by saying, “You can’t, you can’t.” He adds, “Money isn’t important to me. Your feelings are what’s important to me.” Bae In Hyuk brings up the fact that Park Ji Hoon was happy to see all the money, causing him to cough. Bae In Hyuk jokes, “He likes money more than me.”

While taking a break between filming, Kang Min Ah pretends to sell the flowers that are supposed to be a gift to Park Ji Hoon instead. Park Ji Hoon pretends to be a picky customer, saying, “They’re all wilted.” Kang Min Ah cuts the price down, and Park Ji Hoon readily agrees.

Watch the full making-of video below!

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