Watch: Park Bo Young Enjoys Being In A Love Triangle With Seo In Guk And Nam Da Reum On Set Of

Doom at Your Service” may be over, but tvN unveiled another making-of video for the fans!

The clip shows Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk working hard on the drama set. They diligently discuss different possibilities with the directors and brainstorm different ideas to make the scenes better.

The two actors practice a sweet moment when they are embracing each other. Seo In Guk leaves in order to portray his character Myul Mang vanishing into thin air, and Park Bo Young playfully cries as she wails, “Stop disappearing.” When filming starts, the two immerse into their characters right away. After the tearful scene, Park Bo Young drinks chocolate milk and jokes, “[After a crying scene], chocolate milk is a must.”

Next, Park Bo Young and Seo In Guk film with Nam Da Reum, whose character has a huge crush on Park Bo Young’s character. Park Bo Young and Nam Da Reum sit across from each other as they get ready to film. The director teases Nam Da Reum, “Did you like noona?” Park Bo Young plays along, saying, “Did you like me?” Their teasing causes Nam Da Reum to lower his head and laugh in embarrassment.

Seo In Guk enters the scene, and he perfectly portrays Myul Mang’s jealousy. During rehearsal, Park Bo Young holds onto Nam Da Reum’s wrist and pleads him to have a private fan meeting with her. Seo In Guk, who can’t stand to watch them any longer, pinches her sweater and attempts to get her attention. Laughing, Park Bo Young says, “Let go!” Seo In Guk comments, “I’m going to hold onto you too.”

During break, Park Bo Young tells the making-of camera about her exciting love triangle with Park Young (Nam Da Reum) and Myul Mang. She says, “[Park Young] came all dressed up thinking he has a date with me, but I brought my boyfriend. What is this situation?” Then she adds, “Our love triangle that isn’t in the drama takes place here like this. The relationship between Myul Mang and me was so reciprocal, so it was too boring.”

Watch the making-of video with English subtitles below!

“Doom at Your Service” aired its final episode on June 29.

If you haven’t already, watch the drama with English subtitles below:

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