Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja Hyun, Jang Hye Jin, And More Confirmed For New JTBC Drama About Motherhood

JTBC’s new drama “Green Mothers Club” (literal title) has revealed its lineup of lead actors!

“Green Mothers Club” is about the dangerous relationships in a neighborhood association of parents at the local elementary school. The women in the association, who had come to think of themselves only as “mothers,” will reveal previously hidden secrets and learn about the meaning of “friendship” in adulthood.

Starring in “Green Mothers Club” is Lee Yo Won, Chu Ja Hyun, Kim Kyu Ri, Jang Hye Jin, and Joo Min Kyung. Lee Yo Won will be taking on her first role as a mother in the character of Eun Pyo, a woman with a strong sense of pride in her high-class education. She majored in aesthetics and studied abroad in France, but she experiences new challenges when she moves to an educational special district and joins the elementary school community there.

Chu Ja Hyun will play the role of Choon Hee, the trendsetter of the parents’ association with her beautiful looks and her ability to get her hands on insider information. Her children struggle with her high expectations for them to get into prestigious universities, but she rationalizes this as a new form of maternal love and believes that this is what’s required to make it in today’s world.

Kim Kyu Ri will play the role of Jin Ha, Eun Pyo’s friend-turned-rival. She is a secretive character who is called a “goddess” among the other mothers because of her natural-born elegance. She has a handsome, foreign-born husband and a prodigy child and appears to have everything she could want, but her inner self is hidden behind a veil.

Jang Hye Jin will play the role of Young Mi, Choon Hee’s nemesis. She prides herself on being different from the other mothers and has an air of snobbishness about her. The truth is that she only cares about external appearances and clings to a sense of moral superiority because of her inferiority complex.

Joo Min Kyung will play the role of Yoon Joo, Eun Pyo’s younger cousin. Yoon Joo is always bright and smiling, but when it comes to her children’s education, neither hell nor high water will stop her. She lives in a villa next to the apartment and will stick at nothing to get close to Choon Hee and her insider information.

“Green Mothers Club” will air as a 16-episode miniseries in early 2022.

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