3 Reasons “Red Shoes” Is A Must-Watch This Summer

A riveting new drama is coming to KBS2!

Red Shoes,” a daily series premiering July 5, will revolve around a mother and a daughter wrapped up in a fiery desire for revenge. Choi Myung Gil plays Min Hui Kyung, a woman that turned her back on her daughter to chase after love and success. So Yi Hyun will play Kim Jem Ma, who aims to resolve her traumatic abandonment by taking revenge on her mother.

The drama revealed the three main features that make “Red Shoes” a must-watch series.

Director Park Ki Hyun and writer Hwang Soon Young’s joint project

Hwang Soon Young’s past works include “Ruby Ring” and “Two Mothers,” both dramas that were recognized for their captivatingly scandalous plots and realistic lines. “Red Shoes” is her first drama in seven years and it is implied that it will also be an engrossing series with thought put into every little detail. Paired with director Park Ki Hyun’s intricate style of producing, exemplified by his drama “Unasked Family,” Hwang Soon Young’s “Red Shoes” is set to raise discussions on human nature.

Catharsis of revenge amplified by synergy among cast members

The cast features established actors Choi Myung Gil, So Yi Hyun, Park Yoon Jae, Ban Hyo Jung, Sun Woo Jae Duk, and Choi Young Wan. “Red Shoes” will be characterized by their refined portrayals of characters struggling through revenge, hatred, and fury. Furthermore, Shin Jung Yoon and Jung Yoo Min will add to the mix their unique touch of youthful charm and unapologetic boldness. Supporting cast members will also play significant roles and add to the depth of the storyline.

Stern message about the meaning of one and their family

Min Hui Kyung is a character that pioneers her own success and way of life after leaving behind her roles as a wife and mother. Along with revenge-hungry Kim Jem Ma, candid and bold Kwon Hye Bin (Jung Yoo Min), and unwavering and charismatic Choi Sook Ja (Ban Hyo Jung), the women of “Red Shoes” are self-reliant and exemplify life beyond the structurally normalized types of maternal figures. The series raises questions about leading one’s autonomous life and the meaning behind family.

The story is born out of year-long entanglements that reveal more and more tragic truths as the ties become undone. With references to essences of human nature and the cyclic nature of good and evil added to the suspense of a revenge story, “Red Shoes” is set to be one riveting ride.

The first episode airs on July 5 at 7:50 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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