Honey Lee And “Extreme Job” Cast Show Love For Lee Dong Hwi’s MSG Wannabe Debut

The stars of the hit film “Extreme Job” cheered on Lee Dong Hwi’s debut performance as a member of MSG Wannabe!

On July 3, “How Do You Play?” project group MSG Wannabe—which has recently been dominating the Korean music charts—took the stage at MBC’s “Music Core” for their highly-anticipated debut performances.

After the show aired, Honey Lee took to Instagram to show love for her former “Extreme Job” co-star. In addition to two photos of Lee Dong Hwi posing with the congratulatory wreath that she, Ryu Seung Ryong, Gong Myung, and Jin Sun Kyu had sent to the broadcast station to show their support, she also posted two screenshots of Lee Dong Hwi from MSG Wannabe’s performance of “Only You.”

Honey Lee wrote in the caption, “Our Dong Hwi appeared on ‘Music Core’!! Hehe. So pretty and cool, and he’s not only good at acting and singing, but he’s also witty~ You’re good at everything~ Our Hwi should do everything he wants to do. When you took off your sunglasses at the end, I collapsed. As always, you know how to create a ‘killing point.'”

She playfully added in the hashtags, “Ending fairy Lee Dong Hwi,” “Only You,” “on endless repeat,” “you, who enjoy everything you do, are the champion,” and “oh yeah.”

Lee Dong Hwi commented on the post with a string of hearts, writing, “Noona, thank you,” to which Honey Lee responded, “I love you, Hwi,” with her own string of heart emojis. Lee Dong Hwi then added another comment, writing, “Honey noona, Ryong hyung, Sun Kyu hyung, and Myung, let’s meet up again.”

Earlier this week, Lee Dong Hwi showed off the colorful congratulatory wreath that the four stars had sent him on Instagram, writing, “‘Extreme Job’ forever.”

Ryu Seung Ryong responded by commenting, “Why do you keep singing so well! Long live Lee Dong Hwi,” to which Lee Dong Hwi replied, “Long live Ryong hyung. I love you.”

Honey Lee also commented, “I love you, our Dong Hwi! I’m proud of you!!” Lee Dong Hwi responded, “Our noona is the pride of our nation.”

Watch MSG Wannabe on “How Do You Play?” with English subtitles below!

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