Ji Sung Menacingly Confronts His Next Target In

tvN’s new drama “The Devil Judge” has released new stills ahead of tonight’s episode!

“The Devil Judge” is a new drama set in an alternate-universe, dystopian version of Korea where the entire nation participates in a trial through a live broadcast courtroom show. Ji Sung stars as Kang Yo Han, a head judge with mysterious intentions: is he a hero of the people in a world filled with chaos, or is he a devil who wears the mask of the law?


In the new stills, Kang Yo Han steps out of his car, presumably just having wrapped up a thrilling car chase. In addition to holding up a mysterious object in one hand, he also casually holds a sizable hammer that suits his dark and threatening aura.

The person who is confronted by Kang Yo Han is obviously frightened by his appearance. The degree of surprise evident in his expression also causes viewers to wonder what kind of situation could be unfolding. It remains to be seen why Kang Yo Han is wielding a hammer and threatening someone in the middle of the night.

The first episode saw Kang Yo Han proposing a live broadcast courtroom show as a type of judicial reform. For his first case, he chose one involving a poisonous water waste leakage at a JU Chemicals factory that ended up taking the lives of both children and senior citizens. While embracing the family of the victims and appearing to take the side of the weak, Kang Yo Han yawned as he shed fake tears, which shocked both associate judge Kim Ga On (Jinyoung) and the drama’s viewers.

All eyes are on the “devil judge” Kang Yo Han as it’s unclear whether or not he is working on the side of good. In the next episode, he could possibly deliver either a cathartic blow to his next target or an unexpected plot twist.

The second episode of “The Devil Judge” airs on July 4 at 9 p.m. KST.

Check out the drama with subtitles below!

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