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KBS 2TV’s “At a Distance Spring is Green” is delighting viewers with its realistic yet beautiful romance!

Starring Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, and Bae In Hyuk, “At a Distance Spring is Green” is a college campus drama about the realistic concerns and love lives of university students.

Below are three heartwarming moments that captivated the viewers’ hearts!


Episode 1: Yeo Joon and Kang Min Ah trusting each other to soar the skies

When Yeo Joon (Park Ji Hoon) and Kim So Bin (Kang Min Ah) first met, they only had a relationship of a senior and junior in the same department at university. Learning that Kim So Bin was in a position to ask him for a favor, Yeo Joon began to purposefully tease Kim So Bin as he approached her. He even suggested bungee jumping together despite Kim So Bin having a fear of heights. Frightened before jumping, Kim So Bin took a few steps back, but Yeo Joon reached out his hand while stating, “This may be the last chance in sunbae‘s life. Trust someone and throw yourself in this adventure.” Relying on each other, the two took flight as they recklessly yet courageously jumped together, highlighting the drama’s message about the challenges young adults take on.

Episode 4: Yeo Joon and Nam Soo Hyun’s unexpected yet special chemistry

Yeo Joon was curious about Nam Soo Hyun (Bae In Hyuk) because he didn’t want to get on his good side like most other people, so Yeo Joon loitered around Nam Soo Hyun in an effort to get closer to him. However, Nam Soo Hyun tried to distance himself from Yeo Joon because he felt wary of Yeo Joon’s completely different personality and home environment. In order to pay back the money from the watch Yeo Joon gifted to his younger brother, Nam Soo Hyun worked night shifts for his part-time job but fainted in the process. Yeo Joon coincidentally found out and even paid for his hospital bills. In the face of Nam Soo Hyun’s warning to stay away, Yeo Joon responded, “I’ll do what I’m best at. Sticking around. Sunbae, you can try to push me away,” raising anticipation for their developing relationship.

Episode 6: Yeo Joon helping Kim So Bin overcome her trauma

Yeo Joon and Kim So Bin both experienced a painful childhood, making viewers tear up to see the two sharing even more similarities. Kim So Bin, who was bullied in the past because of her parents’ divorce, continued to fear receiving people’s attention and focus as an adult. Witnessing this, Yeo Joon took Kim So Bin to an elementary school in order for her to face her longtime wound. Meeting her lonely and scared younger self, Kim So Bin washed away her resentment with her tears, taking a big step forward towards overcoming her trauma. In last week’s broadcast, Kim So Bin also confidently expressed her opinions in front of the other students, signifying her gradual change and growth.

The production team shared, “Although the drama has fresh and heart-fluttering scenes typical of a campus romance, we think the drama also portrays well the solidarity of youth as they sympathize with each other’s pain while taking one step forward at a time. It’d be great if you can continue to keep an eye on that process in the future.”

“At a Distance Spring is Green” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. KST.

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