Ji Soo’s Legal Reps Share Update On Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accusations + Accuser Admits To Lying

Ji Soo’s legal representative, law firm Shin & Kim, revealed a new statement providing updates on the lawsuit and investigation on those who published accusatory posts against Ji Soo.

Earlier this year, Ji Soo was accused of having been a perpetrator of school violence in middle school. There were also some accusations of sexual violence with coercion, but KeyEast Entertainment released a statement denying those claims. Following Ji Soo’s removal from the drama “River Where the Moon Rises,” production company Victory Contents filed a lawsuit for damages against KeyEast, and KeyEast later announced that they terminated their contract with Ji Soo after a mutual agreement with the actor.

Shin & Kim announced last month that they were taking legal action against the people who made false accusations and spread false rumors.

On July 6, the law firm issued a new statement explaining that the creator of a post accusing Ji Soo of sexual assault had admitted to the the post being false and apologized. Read the full statement below:

As the legal representative of Ji Soo (hereafter referred to as “client”), our law firm would like to inform you about the progress of the case as follows.

In March 2021, false posts claiming that the client “committed a sexual crime” in the past were uploaded to several anonymous online communities. In the case of the post claiming that the client sexually assaulted his wife in the past, the writer of the post reached out to the client’s former agency to admit that the post was false and apologized. The other posts, however, continued to be spread and reproduced without any effort to verify the facts. As a result, the client filed criminal complaints against the writers of these false posts in order to correct the false information and bring the truth to light.

Through a search and seizure of IP addresses and more, the writer of the false post was identified recently, and it was confirmed that the person was someone with no connection to the client whatsoever. The writer is a soldier who enlisted in the military not long ago, and he admitted that he wrote the post and that the contents of it are all false. Through a handwritten letter sent from the military training center, he stated that he had written the false post due to his anxiety about his impending military enlistment and sincerely apologized to the client. He also earnestly asked for leniency as he is currently serving in the military and his mother is fighting cancer.

Considering the circumstances of the writer as well as his own upcoming military enlistment, the client accepted his apology and showed the writer leniency without any conditions. However, most of the other writers of the false posts immediately deleted their posts after setting the internet abuzz and have gone into hiding. We will show no leniency for these writers and continue to take legal action.

Meanwhile, most of the posts that raised suspicions about the client being a perpetrator of school violence in the past mostly contain false information. The client has sued the initial accuser and the writers of other posts and comments regarding school violence for defamation. Recently, the court judged that there was enough reason to believe in the falsity of the posts and the damage suffered by the client, which led to a search and seizure warrant to be issued for the purpose of identifying the writers behind the school violence accusation posts. We inform you that the related investigation is currently ongoing.

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