Exclusive Interview: SF9 Talks “Tear Drop” Comeback, Happiest Moments, Songs They Want To Re-Promote, And More

Following their appearance on Mnet’s “Kingdom: Legendary War,” SF9 recently returned with their ninth mini album “TURN OVER” and the title track “Tear Drop.”

In celebration of their comeback, SF9 took time to answer questions sent in by international Fantasy (SF9’s fans) via Soompi’s Twitter!

Check out their answers below:

Which member suits this comeback concept the most?

Asked by @tyangseongie

Youngbin: Jaeyoon. His hair, makeup, height, appearance, everything fits well.

Inseong: Youngbin. He’s so sexy that I think I’m going to go crazy.

Jaeyoon: I think I fit it the best!

Dawon: Me!

What was your biggest challenge when preparing for this album?

Asked by @youremyfantasy9

Rowoon: The choreography changed, so learning it again was hard.

Zuho: I’d say the hardest part was having to learn the choreography again after it was changed.

Taeyang: I tried hard to express genderless sexiness.

Hwiyoung: It was hard to learn the new choreography in a short amount of time.

The members contributed a lot in writing the lyrics. Is there any special anecdote of the process that you could share with Fantasy?

Asked by @Rth_buttahbenzo

Youngbin: When we worked on “Believer” and “Tear Drop,” I remember it was so hard that we recorded a few different options and chose the final lyrics from there. And “Hey Hi Bye” is memorable because it took a longer time to work on compared to the other songs.

Zuho: Rather than the lyric-writing, memories related to the choreography remain in my mind! It was really fun, changing the choreography every day.

Hwiyoung: The album included beats of various types of genres, so I had fun writing!

Chani: Hwiyoung looked at the lyrics I wrote and quietly said, “It’s good.” I remember that the most!

What were your thoughts or reactions when you first heard the title track?

Asked by @baekju__xin

Youngbin: I felt sort of like “Whoa..” and then “Wow!!”

Jaeyoon: I thought that this song is the best yet!

Taeyang: I felt that it is a song that gently touches the heart.

Hwiyoung: I thought it might be a little weak, but it’s a relief that fans like it.

If you can do each other’s parts in “Tear Drop,” which member’s part do you want to try?

Asked by @rowoonce

Inseong: I really like Rowoon’s part. I want to sing it!

Dawon: I like my part. I want to do better with it.

Rowoon: I also like my part!

Chani: Hwiyoung’s part.

Which “Kingdom” stage did you guys enjoy working on the most?

Asked by @Y00NW0Ns

Jaeyoon: I enjoyed working on the “MOVE” performance the most.

Zuho: “MOVE,” it was a new challenge for me!

Taeyang: I think the “MOVE” stage was a performance that allowed SF9’s and Yoo Taeyang’s strengths to be shown more!

Hwiyoung: I enjoyed the rap unit performance!

If you were to re-release or re-promote one of your previous title tracks, which one would you choose?

Asked by @yaoisabee

Youngbin: “MAMMA MIA”! I want to promote the song again with cool styling!

Dawon: I want to promote a rearranged version of “ROAR.” The song is really nice!

Rowoon: “Now or Never”! I want to promote it again because it’s a good song, and I want to change the lyrics a bit!

Taeyang: “Now or Never”! I want to promote it again!

What is your favorite song to sing at noraebang (karaoke)?

Asked by @NikkaViim

Inseong: Buzz – “You Don’t Know Men”

Jaeyoon: SG Wannabe – “As I Live”

Dawon: M to M – “Three Words”

Chani: Kim Yeon Woo – “Farewell Taxi”

Who is the member that has the best taste in fashion?

Asked by @faithfantasy9

Youngbin: I think Hwiyoung has his own distinct color [when it comes to fashion]!

Inseong: Of course Inseong.

Zuho: Taeyang! Taeyang has his own personal sense of fashion.

Hwiyoung: Me who loves denim.

If you can only eat one food your entire life, what would it be?

Asked by @imjaeyoongurl

Jaeyoon: Beef.

Dawon: Tonkatsu (tempura pork cutlet).

Rowoon: Rice.

Taeyang: Samgyeopsal (grilled pork belly).

How do you relax or destress nowadays when things get busy?

Asked by @fantasyiaa

Youngbin: I play games, watch dramas or movies, or drink beer.

Inseong: I listen to music I like while taking a banshinyok (lower-body bath)!

Rowoon: I sort out my thoughts alone or yell!

Chani: I play games!! Or sleep!!

What was the happiest moment you had recently?

Asked by @fs08364

Youngbin: I was happy when having a conversation with my father while eating a meal together! That moment was really nice.

Inseong: When we met Fantasy for our comeback!

Jaeyoon: When we met Fantasy. Also our first concert and first music show win.

Dawon: When I ate tonkatsu for the first time in a while!

Rowoon: I work to feel happiness in every moment!

Zuho: The end of “Kingdom.” It felt relieving to conclude a long journey!

Taeyang: SF9’s first comeback in a year!

Hwiyoung: Our showcase for this ninth mini album. I was really happy to meet Fantasy!

Chani: Our “Tear Drop” comeback right now!

What words do you like to hear from fans that give you the most strength?

Asked by @seokwoohwaiting

Youngbin: “Youngbin, do everything you want to do!”

Inseong: “You are doing well right now. You are the best!”

Jaeyoon: “I’ll always be by your side.”

Dawon: It gives me strength when fans say “Cute~” to me.

Rowoon: “I’ll always support you no matter what.”

Zuho: “I am happy because of Zuho.”

Taeyang: Fantasy’s existence alone gives me strength!

Hwiyoung: “The fading of your denim jacket and jeans turned out well.”

Chani: The words “I always support you!” give me strength.

Do you have a message for international fans who always love SF9 even from far away?

Asked by @piaXtae

SF9: Fantasy, thank you for always giving constant support during this time when it is difficult for us to meet. We, SF9, will always gain strength! Thank you!

Thank you to Fantasy for asking many great questions!

Check out SF9’s shoutout to Soompi readers:

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