Golden Child’s Bomin And Shim Dal Gi Cast In New Drama

Golden Child’s Bomin and actress Shim Dal Gi have been cast in the upcoming drama “Shadow Beauty” (literal translation).

“Shadow Beauty” is a new KakaoTV original drama about Goo Ae Jin, a student who has an inferiority complex about her looks in real life, but who is also a celebrity online named “Genie” with over 770,000 followers on social media. It is based on the webtoon of the same name by Ah Heum, which has 700,000 subscribers and an average rating of 9.1.

New actress Shim Dal Gi has been cast as Goo Ae Jin, who is overlooked even by her friends because of her looks and gets famous through her excessive makeup photos on social media. Shim Dal Gi has appeared in projects like “Persona,” “Tune in for Love,” “The School Nurse Files,” “Samjin Company English Class,” and “Dust-Man.”

Shim Dal Gi said, “It’s very meaningful for me to play a character who has received so much love through the popular webtoon. She’s unique, but has an inner pain that anyone can relate to, so I’ll work hard to make her touch the hearts of the viewers.”

Bomin has been cast as Kim Ho In, the class president of Goo Ae Jin’s class, who looks like a plain model student on the outside but has a secret that he keeps to himself. He becomes interested in Goo Ae Jin despite himself and the two begin an uneasy alliance that could either turn into a destined match or twisted fate.

Bomin said, “He’s a character who feels completely different from the roles I’ve played before. The script was so interesting and immersive that I soon felt attracted to the character. The director and the production staff have created a family-like atmosphere on set and I’ll also work hard in order to create a good production.”

“Shadow Beauty” will be organized into 20-minute episodes, with 13 total episodes in the show. It will premiere sometime in the second half of 2021.

Check out Bomin in the drama “Melting Me Softly” below!

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