ATEEZ's San Reassures Fans With Heartfelt Letter After Testing Positive For COVID-19

ATEEZ’s San has shared a heartwarming letter for his fans after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

On July 9, KQ Entertainment announced that San had tested positive for COVID-19, though he is currently asymptomatic.

In the wee hours of July 10, San personally reassured his fans by posting the following letter:

Hello, our ATINY, this is San!
I thought that ATINY might worry too much, so I wanted to at least write this to you in a message!
I’m really okay right now!
I have an overflowing appetite, and I don’t feel unwell anywhere.
I hope that our ATINY don’t worry too much.

I’ll get better no matter what and show you that this disease is no match for us.

Still, I hope that our ATINY will be careful!
I wish I could be the one to go through all of your pain and illness instead of you all.
The thing that makes me feel really apologetic to you all is that I won’t be able to spend my birthday together with ATINY, which makes me a little sad.
I wanted to take photos of the ads you made for me, hold a comment party, and have fun on V Live! My birthday merchandise also came out really pretty! I wanted to boast about that too.
But of course! It’s not that we’re not going to do the above things!
After postponing them, I’m going to make sure to spend that time with ATINY no matter what.
So don’t be too sad, and don’t worry, please make sure to take care of your health, ATINY.
That’s the birthday gift I want most.

Compared to the person that I am, I have far too many amazing people around me!
I have our ATINY, whom I could talk about until my mouth hurts; and my precious ATEEZ members, who stay by my side and comfort me so that I don’t get insecure; and our company staff, who care for me like family.
So I’m not afraid or scared at all.

I want to see you soon.
I love you always, and just the fact that ATINY exist makes me happy, in and of itself.
Don’t worry about me at all.
Everything will turn out fine, really.
So from now on, please keep smiling.
I love you, and I love you again.

Once again, we wish San the speediest of recoveries (and a happy birthday)!

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