(G)I-DLE's Soyeon Proves She's A True 2PM Fan With Sweet Messages Of Support + 2PM Returns The Love

(G)-IDLE’s Jeon Soyeon and 2PM are warming hearts with their adorable interactions!

On July 11, Soyeon—who is famously a huge fan of 2PM—revealed on Instagram Stories that she had met her idols backstage at SBS’s “Inkigayo,” where they both performed that day.

Posting a photo she had snapped with the 2PM members backstage, Soyeon wrote, “Thanks to you, my teenage years were full of happiness. I will always be rooting for you.” She also proudly shared a photo of the signed album that 2PM had given her.

That same day, several of the 2PM members took to Instagram to express their gratitude and share photos of Soyeon’s sweet handwritten messages on the albums that she had gifted each of them.

In her message to Chansung, Soyeon wrote:

To Chansung,

Hello, this is (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, who has made a solo comeback with “BEAM BEAM“! I really want to congratulate you on your six-member comeback as a full group with “Make It.” I’m really happy that our promotions overlapped like this, hehe, because I’d always hoped for it after debuting. When I first saw you at a 2PM concert when I was young, I was so, so shocked that someone could be this handsome. And I also really, really like your singing, rapping, and emotional expression!! Thank you for making my teenage years happy!!!

Chansung responded in his caption, “Soyeon, thank you so much. You’re sooo pretty!! (G)I-DLE is already doing well, but I hope you guys become even more successful. Let’s go, Soyeon!!!!!! I hope your promotions will be happy and fun.”

In her message to Taecyeon, Soyeon mentioned the fact that earlier this year, he tweeted a link to a video about Soyeon being a fan of 2PM. She wrote:

To Taecyeon,

Hello, this is (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, who has made a solo comeback. First, I want to sincerely congratulate you on your full-group comeback with “Make It.” Also, I really, really enjoyed watching “Vincenzo,” hehe. And this is a bit embarrassing, but thank you for the retweet as well. I really admire the way you are always focused both on stage and in your dramas, which is so cool!! In the past, you had so many funny nicknames, but I think that after you started acting, those nicknames no longer come to mind anymore, hehe. Sunbae! Thank you for making music, and thank you for making my teenage years happy.

Meanwhile, Soyeon’s message to Jun.K read:

To Jun.K,

Hello! This is (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, who has made a solo comeback! First, I want to congratulate you so, so much on your full-group comeback. You have no idea how much I’ve waited for this for the past five years. You must have heard this a lot already, but when I hear your voice, I feel like crying. In particular, I think I listened to your first self-composed song “Don’t Go” every day for about three years, hehe. As a HOTTEST [the official name for 2PM’s fandom], I’m always proud that you’re 2PM’s main vocal, and thank you for becoming a great memory from my teens. Good luck with your promotions!!!

Jun.K responded in his caption, “Thank you so much to our Soyeon, who was originally a HOTTEST! We’re so proud and happy!! You’re the best!!!”

Check out Soyeon’s photos from meeting 2PM below!

Watch 2PM and Soyeon perform on the latest episode of “Inkigayo” with subtitles here:

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