Jinyoung, Krystal, Yoo Young Jae, And More Are Full Of Potential In Uniform For “Police University” Poster

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Police University” released an exciting new poster!

“Police University” is a new Monday-Tuesday drama from KBS starring Krystal and Jinyoung as students at a police university. Cha Tae Hyun co-stars as a passionate detective who teaches at the university and teams up with his students for a chaotic investigation.

The new poster features the radiant young adults who have gathered together in one place with the same dream of becoming a police officer. Along with Kang Sun Ho (Jinyoung) and Oh Kang Hee (Krystal), the police university students maintain proper posture with easygoing smiles and undeniable charisma. In particular, the students look reliable in their handsome uniforms.

The drama will portray the realistic growth of youths who meet at the police university as they are just about to enter society. Viewers will be touched as they meet individuals with different personalities including the dreamless Kang Sun Ho, the strong and upright Oh Kang Hee, warmhearted No Bum Tae (Lee Dal), energetic Jo Joon Wook (Yoo Young Jae), and the taciturn and rational Park Min Gyu (Chu Young Woo).

Kang Sun Ho, who once used to be a hacker, will meet professor Yoo Dong Man (Cha Tae Hyun) at the police university, starting a relationship that causes sparks to fly. Furthermore, the young adults will meet various mentors in their lives including the constitutional law professor Kwon Hyuk Pil (Lee Jong Hyuk), who is a subject of envy and fear, and the kindhearted judo professor Choi Hee Soo (Hong Soo Hyun).

The production team shared, “Through ‘Police University,’ we plan on showcasing the ‘real’ story of youths that isn’t always just beautiful. We hope to make viewers relate and feel touched through their story of growth in which they sometimes clash and sometimes get discouraged. Above all, the drama uses the special space of a ‘police university,’ which many people have been curious about, as the background, allowing viewers to feel a fresh new element of fun, so please anticipate the broadcast.”

“Police University” premieres after the end of “At a Distance Spring Is Green” on August 9 at 9:30 p.m. KST.

While waiting, watch “At a Distance Spring Is Green” below:

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