Watch: Ji Sung And GOT7's Jinyoung Sweetly Take Care Of The Child Actress On Set Of

tvN’s “The Devil Judge” released a new making-of video!

“The Devil Judge” is a drama set in an alternate-universe, dystopian version of Korea where the entire nation participates in a trial through a live broadcast courtroom show.

The making-of video begins with the scene of Ji Sung talking with the cat after a fight with Kang Elijah (Jeon Chae Eun). He asks the cat, “Are you not going to follow her?” However, the cat appears to glare angrily at him. Trying to pet the cat, Ji Sung asks, “Are you upset?” and the cat makes purring noises that sound similar to the word “Yes.” However, when the camera stops rolling, the cat gets friendly and tries to climb up on Ji Sung out of curiosity while he’s getting his makeup done.

During rehearsal, Ji Sung slaps GOT7’s Jinyoung on the back of his shoulders, and a production team member asks, “What hurts more? Your wound or [the shoulder]?” Ji Sung shares, “I’ll slap you like that. It hurt, right? I think your reaction now is really good.” He continues, “You understand hyung’s feelings, right? We promised this. I said let’s just go hard once, but I think we’re going to have to do this a few times.” Nevertheless, Ji Sung and Jinyoung continue to make each take look as realistic as possible.

Park Gyu Young and Jinyoung also get silly during rehearsals, thinking of a funny way to turn around at the same time and act surprised. The director comments, “That’s too weird,” but the two actors continue to remain energetic and cheerful. In a different scene with Kim Min Jung, the actress can’t find the timing to say her lines, causing her to ask, “When am I supposed to go?” In between filming, Kim Min Jung hands out chocolate to the other actors.

Jinyoung carries and spins around child actress Kim Soo Ha. He asks her to call him ahjussi because he doesn’t think oppa is as fitting. Kim Soo Ha starts crying after being surprised by the unexpected fires, so Jinyoung tries to comfort her by offering chocolate and helping to wipe her tears. Jang Young Nam carefully explains to Kim Soo Ha how she has to push her in the next scene, apologizing while telling her that it’s all acting. Jinyoung shares, “Don’t worry, Dad is here.”

Despite the fierce flames and difficult action scenes, Ji Sung and Jinyoung put their all into immersing themselves in their roles. When they finish filming, Kim Soo Ha lets out a cute whine because she doesn’t want to be released from Ji Sung’s embrace.

Watch the full making-of video below!

Catch up with “The Devil Judge” below:

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