Watch: “At A Distance Spring Is Green” Cast Has A Blast Filming On Set For School Festival

KBS 2TV’s “At a Distance Spring is Green” released a new making-of video!

The new behind-the-scenes video begins with Choi Jung Woo dressed up as a princess for the school festival. He offers tarot card readings to Kang Min Ah and Park Ji Hoon, but he starts making up fortunes as he goes. Choi Jung Woo shares, “No matter how the situation turns out, there’s nothing that will harm you.”

Kang Min Ah looks sold on Choi Jung Woo’s readings, but Park Ji Hoon remains skeptical. He asks, “This doesn’t mean I’m going to die soon, right?” Choi Jung Woo replies, “You have people who would die for you instead.” Park Ji Hoon looks shocked, and Kang Min Ah tells him to pay Choi Jung Woo for his tarot card reading.

After smashing various objects with her fists, CLC’s Eunbin shows that a lot of the swelling on her hand has already gone down. She comments, “[Behind-the-scenes footage] should’ve been filmed earlier. It looked like I had worked really hard then.” Eunbin adds that she practiced a lot for this particular moment.

Back in the girls’ dorm, Eunbin asks Bae In Hyuk to guess which bed is hers, but he guesses wrong twice. The director arrives on set, and Eunbin notices that he has gotten his hair cut and permed. She energetically says to Bae In Hyuk, “I have sharp observation skills. You didn’t know, right?” causing him to laugh in disbelief.

Before filming, Kang Min Ah and Bae In Hyuk get into a greeting battle, and Bae In Hyuk even goes down onto the floor to bow down to her. Kang Min Ah is also disappointed to see Park Ji Hoon hasn’t hidden a ring in the flowers, so she rejects the bouquet.

When playing truth or dare, Eunbin perfectly spins the bottle to land on Bae In Hyuk in one try. However, when it’s Bae In Hyuk’s turn, he fails three times in a row. Bae In Hyuk can’t hold in his nervousness before having to get cake on his face and shares that his legs have fallen asleep. Kang Min Ah comments, “It’s the same feeling I had when I went bungee jumping. If I had to choose between bungee jumping and getting cake in my face, I could even get cake in my face five times.” Bae In Hyuk adds that even 50 times would be okay for him.

Watch the full making-of video below!

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