Upcoming JTBC Drama Unveils Poignant Teaser Posters Starring Ryu Jun Yeol And Jeon Do Yeon

Upcoming JTBC drama “Lost” has unveiled a new teaser poster!

“Lost” is a 10th anniversary special drama about the stories of average people who realize they haven’t become anything throughout their lives and try their best to see the spotlight. Jeon Do Yeon stars as Boo Jung, a ghostwriter in her 40s who feels lost and as if she hasn’t been able to amount to anything. Ryu Jun Yeol stars as Kang Jae, a man who runs a service where employees act out whatever roles clients request. Although he is striving to overcome poverty, he becomes afraid of himself out of the fear that he won’t be able to become anything.

The black-and-white teaser posters are simple yet emotionally powerful. Ryu Jun Yeol and Jeon Do Yeon are tilting their heads back and looking upward. They look subtly similar with their dry expressions and empty eyes, and they exude deep loneliness. In addition, the captions at the top of their posters read, “I want to disappear. I want to live.” The words contain both despair and hope, and this hints that the drama will tell a story about the lives that were lived until now and the lives that will have to be lived in the future.

The drama’s production crew shared, “The story of Boo Jung and Kang Jae, who stepped into fierce darkness and will try to find light again, will provide empathy and healing. It has been a while since viewers have seen a drama with deep emotions that melts their warm gazes. They will also be able to check the true value of actors Jeon Do Yeon and Ryu Jun Yeol, who do not need any explanations. Please look forward to their deep acting and extraordinary synergy.”

“Lost” will premiere in September. Check out the first teaser here!

In the meantime, check out Ryu Jun Yeol in “Hit-and-Run Squad“:

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You can also watch Jeon Do Yeon in “Beasts Clawing at Straws“:

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