Watch: Kim So Yeon And Uhm Ki Joon Are Warm And Cheerful Co-Stars On Set Of

The Penthouse 3” unveiled a new making-of video!

The clip starts off with Kim So Yeon and Uhm Ki Joon filming their press conference scene. Although the two actors play villains in the drama, they’re warm and playful when the cameras are off. Kim So Yeon has to shoot Uhm Ki Joon a spiteful look, and he jokes, “Make a strange expression.” She laughs at his attempt to ease the tension, but once filming starts, she completely transforms into Cheon Seo Jin.

The two actors take a brief break, and Kim So Yeon discovers the making-of video and chuckles shyly. She comments, “I don’t think there’s anything interesting.” Uhm Ki Joon reassures, “You make it interesting.” Then he suggests her to dance, earning a playful whack in the arm.

Next, the two actors discuss how they’ll act out the scene where they’re talking privately. They are separated by glass, and Uhm Ki Joon proposes that she look out the window while he gazes in the opposite direction. They’re both thrilled by the idea, and Uhm Ki Joon jokes, “Social distancing.”

Yoon Jong Hoon and Park Eun Suk also pair up for the scene where Ha Yoon Chul (Yoon Jong Hoon) tends to the unconscious Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk). Yoon Jong Hoon jokes, “I’ll walk into the room and take off Logan’s respirator. The drama… [will end like that].” He bursts into laughter as his shocked co-star attempts to sit up. One of the staff members adds, “But he’ll come back again. Even if it’s in your dreams.”

Yoon Jong Hoon thinks about it for a moment and then says, “But it’s been about three years since I saw him at the party. Then shouldn’t I be like, ‘Who’s this?” He pretends to pull Park Eun Suk’s bandages aside to check his face and bursts into laughter at his own joke. Then he admits it’s his first time acting with Park Eun Suk, but the two actors get along just fine during breaktime.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video with English subtitles below!

Catch up with the drama below!

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