Kang Han Na Talks About Finally Breaking Free Of Playing Characters In One-Sided Love In

Actress Kang Han Na recently participated in an interview to talk about the end of her tvN drama “My Roommate Is a Gumiho.”

“My Roommate Is a Gumiho” was a fantasy romance drama about a 999-year-old male gumiho (Jang Ki Yong) who ends up living with a 22-year-old college student (Hyeri) after she accidentally swallows the magical bead that would have made him human. Kang Han Na played the role of Yang Hye Sun, a former gumiho who has been human for five years.

Kang Han Na said, “I had a thirst for doing romantic comedies. I wanted to show people that I could do rom-coms. In the original webtoon, Hye Sun is a multifaceted character, so I had to think a lot about how to express her. I felt that she was lovable and attractive, and I wanted to show the audience that. She’s lived for 700 years as a gumiho. She appears very experienced and knowledgeable as a gumiho, but as a human, she’s awkward and there’s a lot of things she doesn’t know. The gap between her experience and her inexperience was where I could express myself the most as an actor.”

Her character is involved in a romance with Do Jae Jin, a pure-hearted fool in love played by Kim Do Wan. The two actors also appeared together in the drama “Start-Up.” “I think that he was the best partner for portraying an affectionate and innocent love,” she said. “We worked together in ‘Start-Up,’ and it isn’t always easy to sync up with someone that you met on your previous project, but I was happy to be working with him since our characters were involved in a ‘love line.'”

Many of Kang Han Na’s characters have been the second female lead, who are often in love with the male lead but do not have their feelings returned. She said, “I’ve done a lot of roles where I was in unrequited love, one-way love, and painful love. I really wanted to do a role where I was in a lovey-dovey, adorable relationship with another person.”

About working with Jang Ki Yong, she said, “We really had a sibling-like relationship. Shin Woo Yeo is 999 years old, so he’s older than Yang Hye Sun as a gumiho, but she doesn’t care about things like that. Hye Sun likes to talk about the things that she’s grateful to Shin Woo Yeo for. She has a lot she wants to express. Even if he didn’t have lines, he would respond to me with his gaze or expressions, and I was able to act like that. I think that’s how their bickering relationship really came alive.”

Asked about what other genres she wanted to do, Kang Han Na said, “I actually haven’t appeared in that many projects yet. There are still lots of different genres that I want to try. Even before my debut, I wanted to try lots of different things and had a lot of ambition toward acting, so I want to keep doing things I haven’t done before. A lot of my roles have been somewhat extreme, but I want to try acting that’s more realistic, less extreme, something very human. I did a rom-com with this drama and it was so much fun that I’m thinking I want to do another one right after.”

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