Update: ONF Unveils Frosty Album Cover For Summer Comeback With “POPPING”

Updated July 25 KST:

ONF has released the “original cover” for their upcoming summer pop-up album “POPPING”!

Updated July 24 KST: 

ONF has taken a new approach to “summer comeback concepts” in their latest teasers for “Popping”!

Updated July 23 KST: 

ONF has shared some concept photos for their comeback with “Popping”!

Updated July 22 KST:

ONF has released a playful new teaser for their upcoming comeback!

Updated July 21 KST:

ONF has shared a new teaser image for their upcoming return with “POPPING”!

Updated July 19 KST:

ONF has released a teaser schedule for their upcoming summer pop-up album “POPPING”!

Original Article:

Mark your calendars: ONF is making their return!

On July 18 at midnight KST, ONF officially announced their plans to make a comeback next month. The group will be returning with a “summer pop-up album” entitled “POPPING” on August 9 KST.

ONF also released their first teaser for the upcoming album: a cute clip that hints at their refreshing concept for their upcoming summer comeback.

Are you excited for ONF’s return? Stay tuned for more teasers!

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