Watch: BTS Unleashes Their Goofy Selves On The Set Of

BTS unveiled a shooting sketch of their music video for their latest track “Permission to Dance”!

Permission to Dance” is an English-language song included in BTS’s newly-released CD version of “Butter.”

The video kicks off with the scene where Jungkook pops up from behind Suga inside the restaurant. Suga points out that Jungkook looks like his old self in “Danger” with his hair styled in this particular way for the music video. Outside, Suga explains the key dance moves that have meaning in sign language, and he and Jungkook have a blast facing each other and doing the moves together. Back inside for the group shoot, J-Hope hilariously tells RM that his bright yellow-green hair is reminiscent of a tennis ball, and RM seems to agree.

It turns out it was scorchingly hot on the day of filming. RM does his best to cool himself with a hand-held electric fan, but he comments that there’s actually no way to fight the heat. Out in the sun, J-Hope and Jin dance together while Jungkook holds up the director’s mic and starts counting the beat for them.

The next day begins with Jimin and V filming their scene with the child actors. Jimin and V dote on the kids and can’t stop smiling at their cuteness. Lastly, it’s time to film the flash mob scene with the dancers, and they start with a round of applause to encourage each other ahead of the shoot. The members shout enthusiastically as they do the dance, and even when the music cuts off due to a technical error, they continue to dance like nothing happened.

Watch the full video with subtitles below!

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