Rapper Sleepy Announces Marriage Plans

Rapper Sleepy is preparing to tie the knot!

On July 19, Sleepy posted a photo of his dog on Instagram along with a marriage announcement.

Below is a translation of his post:

Hello, this is Sleepy. It feels like it’s been a while since I’ve greeted everyone.

I’m writing this post simply because there’s news I wanted to deliver to everyone who has always looked after and supported me.

Though I used to think marriage was other people’s business, I met someone precious to me, and we have promised a future together. She’s someone I’m grateful for and reliably stayed by my side during a period that could have been seen as the most difficult time in my life.

Our wedding is scheduled for October, and taking into account that my spouse is a non-celebrity, we’ll quietly hold the ceremony during this cautious time to face a new beginning in life.

I’ll never forget that my current self is here thanks to everyone who is always happier for me than I am and congratulating me. I sincerely convey my gratitude once again.

I’ll continue to return [the support] by showing a good side of me in the future. Thank you!

Congratulations to Sleepy and his fiancée on their upcoming marriage!

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