9 BTOB Songs That Are Hidden Gems

Ever since BTOB debuted in 2012, fans have been graced with perfect pitched singers, smooth rap lines, and emotion evoking songs. Even more so, since their appearance on “Kingdom: Legendary War” BTOB has garnered even more fans across the world who have come to appreciate not only their charm and good looks, but also their killer vocals. If you’re new to the BTOB world, here are some hidden gems that are worth adding to your playlist.

“My Girl” – Press Play (2012)

“Press Play” was one of BTOB’s earlier albums, and while many will recognize songs like “WOW” and “Press Play,” the song “My Girl” cannot be overlooked. If you’re familiar with BTOB songs, you’ll recognize the warmness of the melody in this particular song, and it’ll strike a familiar chord of being not only catchy, but very healing. It’s got a perfect spring/summer vibe that will make you feel all good inside.

“Ello Ello” – Beep Beep (2014)

This song is guaranteed to lift your spirits and give you all the positive vibes. The story of this song is about someone mustering up the courage to confess their feelings to the person they like – it’s cute, happy, and so hopeful. The rhythmic beat in the background is bound to get you up and dancing!

“Hope You’re Doing Fine” – Move (2014)

This ballad is the perfect song to listen to when you’re wallowing over heartbreak. You’ll get the smooth and soothing vocals of Changsub to start, which will basically heal your soul. Then when Minhyuk’s rap line combined with his melodious singing comes in before the minute mark, you’ll be on cloud nine. The whole song is a perfect homage to those who have gone through or are going through a breakup.

“Yes I Am” – New Men (2016)

If you need a song that will empower and motivate you to be productive and inspire you to basically move mountains, then this song is it. The build up that leads to the chorus is so emotional, and once the chorus hits, there’s an even bigger waves of feelings that will overcome you as a listener. There’s so much impact in one song!

“Red Lie” – Brother Act (2017)

The story of “Red Lie” is about a lover who has lost interest in their partner. The beauty of this song is that it is able to draw in the sadness of this realization. Although it’s a bit upbeat, the melody is still solemn and melancholy – something the BTOB members have perfected the art of in their songs.

“My Lady” – Brother Act (2017)

“Brother Act” is known mainly for being the album that includes their hit song “Missing You,” but the track right after is titled “My Lady,” and it’s a bop. The beginning of the song already draws you in with the smooth vocals of Changsub and then with Minhyuk’s rap line, the song is the perfect combination of heartfelt and heartbreak!

“About Time” – Feel’eM (2017)

In 2017, BTOB released their EP titled “Feel’eM,” and as usual, most of the songs were produced by the members themselves. “About Time” was produced by Minhyuk and former member Ilhoon. A total hidden gem, this song starts with the mellow rap of Minhyuk, and you’ll appreciate the poetic lyrics from the get-go. Everything about the song kicks you right in the feels and will have you wanting to listen to it on repeat.

“1, 2, 3” – This Is Us (2018)

This song was beautifully sung by BTOB’s vocal line – Eunkwang, Changseob, Hyunsik, and Sungjae. It starts off pretty and solemn, but once Hyunsik comes in at the chorus, it brings another layer of melody to the song that is so catchy. With its sad vibe, the lyrics touch on never being able to love again because of going through such a difficult heartbreak. You can really feel the pain throughout it.

“Tension” – INSIDE (2020)

BTOB 4U performed this song during their online concert, and the performance was so hot and steamy that it can’t be overlooked. The whole vibe of this song is upbeat, groovy, and it makes you want to get up and dance. The title is very relevant to the chorus with the repetitive “tension” that’s sung; tension can really be felt through the whole song!

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