Update: DAY6’s Wonpil And Kang Hye Won In Talks + CIX’s Hyunsuk Confirmed For Season 3 Of Web Drama “Best Mistake”

Updated July 22 KST:

The agencies of CIX’s Hyunsuk and Kang Hye Won have shared updates on their casting in the third season of “Best Mistake”!

Hyunsuk’s agency C9 Entertainment confirmed, “Hyunsuk has been cast in the web drama ‘Best Mistake 3’ and will take on a new transformation.”

Regarding Kang Hye Won, her agency 8D Entertainment shared, “[Kang Hye Won] has received an offer for the drama and is positively reviewing [the offer].”

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“Best Mistake” is returning for a third season!

On July 21, it was reported that the hit web drama is gearing up for a third season with the leading actors Lee Eun Jae and Kang Yul from the previous seasons.

It was additionally reported that DAY6’s Wonpil, Kang Hye Won, and CIX’s Hyunsuk will be joining the cast.

Wonpil’s agency JYP Entertainment commented in response, “Wonpil is undergoing positive discussion to [potentially] star in ‘Best Mistake 3.'” The agencies of Kang Hye Won and Hyunsuk have yet to comment.

The first two seasons of “Best Mistake” followed the story of high schoolers Kim Yeon Doo (Lee Eun Jae) and Ji Hyun Ho (Kang Yul). The new season will take place in a college setting, showing the growth and romance of young people as they prepare to enter the real world.

Wonpil has been offered the role of Do Ye Seok, who is handsome, intelligent, and has a good personality. He appears strong on the outside but is secretly enduring difficulties, and he becomes entangled with Kim Yeon Doo.

Kang Hye Won is reported to play Jin Se Hee, a business student with both looks and brains who is Do Ye Seok’s ex-girlfriend. She breaks up with Do Ye Seok due to her financial situation, but she later teams up with Ji Hyun Ho to try to get back together with Do Ye Seok.

Hyunsuk has been reportedly cast as Kim Dae Young, a bright and sociable business student who is hoping for his own movie-like love story. Close friends with Do Ye Seok, they even enlisted in the military together.

According to reports, “Best Mistake 3” will begin script reading in late August, start filming in early September, and premiere later this year.

Stay tuned for updates!

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