Kim Do Wan Talks About Reuniting With Kang Han Na On “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” After Working With Her In “Start-Up”

Actor Kim Do Wan recently sat down for an interview to talk about the drama “My Roommate Is a Gumiho.”

“My Roommate Is a Gumiho” is a fantasy romantic comedy about a 999-year-old male gumiho (Jang Ki Yong) who becomes roommates with a 22-year-old college student (Girl’s Day’s Hyeri) after she accidentally swallows the magical bead that would have made him human. Kim Do Wan played the role of Do Jae Jin, a fool in love who is always getting dumped. Kang Han Na played his love interest, Yang Hye Sun, a former gumiho who has been human for five years.

In the interview, Kim Do Wan said, “I thought a lot about how to portray Do Jae Jin’s pure-hearted innocence. I spoke with the director and writer about that a lot. There were times on set when I got confused, but the director helped me make him even purer and more innocent. I think that his honesty is his best trait. Rather than calculating things in his head, he has the courage to speak directly about how he feels.”

He added, “I think he’s about 50 percent similar to me. He’s very bright and cheerful and honest and has a lot of cuteness to him. I’m really shy, so I can’t express my emotions as directly as he does. But when I’m with people I’m really close with, the side of me that’s similar to him comes out. Both of us try to be honest when expressing ourselves, and both of us have fears when it comes to love. He has certain drinking habits that I don’t have, and he cries a lot while I don’t.”

Kang Han Na and Kim Do Wan had previously worked together on the drama “Start-Up.” He said, “When we first met on ‘Start-Up,’ we were pleased to hear of each other’s casting. I felt really comfortable working with her. I depended on her a lot and I didn’t have any particular worries. Whenever we met, we’d go over what we wanted to do for the next scene, and when we encountered each other on set, we’d go right into discussing how to make the scene more fun without preparing in advance. Because of all that, I think that Kang Han Na is a very dependable person.”

He continued, “I didn’t feel a sense of pressure about going from playing rivals to lovers. In ‘Start-Up,’ our characters were always feuding, but they became amicable toward the end. Since we were already close from ‘Start-Up,’ it was easier to film with her the second time around.”

Asked about how he thought their characters’ romance would end, he said, “I think that Jae Jin will get more mature as he gets older, and Hye Sun will learn more about the world, and the two will have a happy relationship. They’re a match made in heaven. I’m 100 percent satisfied with the ending. Because it was a pre-produced project, I watched the drama from the perspective of a viewer. Their ending felt very warm to me, so I hope the viewers were satisfied with it as well.”

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