Watch: MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul And Solar Go On A Summer Vacation In MV For Remake Of Vibe’s “Promise U”

Updated July 28 KST:

MAMAMOO’s Solar and Moonbyul released their remake of Vibe’s “Promise U”!

Solar and Moonbyul’s version adds a “dancehall-house” twist and a summery vibe to the song. The visuals in the music video add to the refreshing, tropical feel of the track. Watch the video below!

Original Article:

MAMAMOO’s Solar and Moonbyul are teaming up for a special remake of one of Vibe’s classic songs!

On July 23, Vibe’s agency MAJOR9 officially announced, “Ahead of the 20th anniversary of their debut, which is coming up in 2022, Vibe is kicking off their collaboration project ‘REVIBE.’ For the first song of the project, MAMAMOO’s Solar and Moonbyul’s remake ‘REVIBE Vol.1 Promise U’ will be released on July 28.”

Solar and Moonbyul will be putting their own spin on the 2002 track, which was released on Vibe’s first album “Afterglow” nearly two decades ago. In contrast to Vibe’s original version of the song, Solar and Moonbyul’s remake of “Promise U” will add a “dancehall-house” twist and a summery vibe befitting of the season.

Solar and Moonbyul’s “Promise U” will be released on July 28 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out their new music video teaser below!

Watch Solar on “The Legend, The New Singer” with English subtitles here:

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