The star-studded cast of “Imitation” has shared their closing comments on the drama!

Based on a hit webtoon, “Imitation” was about the lives of idols in the cutthroat entertainment industry.

Jung Ji So, who played the girl group member Ma Ha, said, “Filming for six months under the name ‘Ma Ha,’ I’m very proud and happy to have experienced the life of an idol character for the first time. I think that it will definitely be a project I’ll never forget. It was a tough preparation process, but thanks to my co-stars, Ma Ha was able to be born, so I’m very grateful to them. Thank you to all the viewers who watched ‘Imitation.'”

U-KISS’s Lee Jun Young, who played the top idol Kwon Ryoc, said, “From our first preparation stage to these final comments, I was happy thanks to ‘Imitation.’ Thanks to such amazing co-stars, staff, and directors, I was able to have fun while filming. I want to thank once again those who loved our drama. I hope that it made them feel various things, as well as a sense of warmth and humanity. Please be careful of COVID-19 and be happy!”

T-ara’s Jiyeon, who played the successful solo artist LA LIMA, said, “We started filming at the end of last year, and I feel a bit regretful now that it’s the end. I was playing a top solo artist, so there were a lot of scenes where I stood on stage, and it made me think of past memories a lot. Thank you for loving ‘Imitation’ so much.”

ATEEZ’s Yunho, who took on his first acting role in the character of boy group member Yoo Jin, said, “First, I want to thank the viewers who loved ‘Imitation.’ It was my first time, so I was lacking in a lot of things, but the writer and all those on set helped me a lot and I was able to finish well. I learned a lot and gained many new experiences as well as precious memories, so it was an unforgettable time for me. Thank you to the ‘TokToks’ who cheered on Sparkling’s Yoo Jin. I will return as ATEEZ’s Yunho and work as hard as Yoo Jin toward my dreams.”

SF9’s Hwiyoung, who played SHAX member Lee Hyun, said, “It’s a regretful ending full of thoughts that I should have done better. I’m grateful to all the actors I worked with, along with the directors and production staff. I think that I was lucky just to be able to do my first public broadcast drama with such great people. Thank you to the viewers who had fun watching the drama. I would like it if you looked forward to my future activities. Please be careful of your health.”

Lim Nayoung, who played Tea Party member Hyun Ji, said, “The entire time we spent filming was such a happy and healing time for me. Thank you to all the actors, staff, and ‘Imitation’ viewers who gave me the chance to make unforgettable memories as Hyun Ji.”

g.o.d’s Danny Ahn, who played Tea Party’s CEO Ji Hak, said, “It’s the same for the kids in the drama, but Ji Hak was a turning point for me. I had a lot of doubts about myself while preparing for the role, but those doubts turned into certainties while I was playing him. I want to keep trying diverse characters in future. I want to thank the directors, writer, and the production staff for giving me a chance like Ji Hak, who helped me grow. I think that the advice and comfort Ji Hak gave the kids in the drama weren’t just for them, but for all the young people of this generation who are going through growing pains as they fight for their dreams. I hope that Ji Hak was able to give all of those dream-seekers a bit of comfort.”

Minseo, who played Tea Party’s leader Ri Ah, said, “I gained a lot of affection for the friends I worked with, and I worked really hard on the performances and my acting, so I feel only regret that it’s coming to an end. I remember the times that we filmed on stage the most. I practiced with the Tea Party members everyday, which makes the memories even more special. Tea Party, I love you. Thank you to the viewers who cheered us on. I also want to thank my co-stars, director, writer, and the production staff. I’ll miss you all so much.”

The last episode of “Imitation” aired on July 23. Check out the drama below!

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