9 Scene-Stealing Supporting K-Drama Actors And Actresses

When you’ve watched enough K-dramas, you’ll find that there are a lot of supporting actors and actresses who continue to appear in several K-dramas – sometimes even in K-dramas that are airing at the same time! We notice them because they’re hilarious, refreshing, and charismatic, even with the ability to steal our attention from the main leads. Here are nine of those scene-stealing supporting actors and actresses.

1. Kang Ki Young

Kang Ki Young is an actor who has made the rounds in a lot of very famous K-dramas, often in a supporting role that is both hysterical and insightful. From selling fried chicken in “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” to giving Park Seo Joon dating advice in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” and winning the 2018 MBC Drama Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in “My Secret Terrius,” Kang Ki Young is always a natural at captivating viewers.

Watch him in “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim”:

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2. Park Jin Joo

Park Jin Joo has played in many roles where she is that best friend we always wish we had – she’s loyal, sassy, hilarious, and always so lovable! One of her memorable roles was as the cute and sometimes aggressive Hong Jin Joo in “Into The World Again,” but we also can’t forget her in the dramas “Her Private Life,” “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” and most recently, “Lovestruck In the City.” Her unique charm of being dry and stoic when delivering her sarcastic lines are often so impressionable.

Watch her in “Her Private Life”:

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3. Kim Won Hae

There really isn’t a single K-drama out there that Kim Won Hae isn’t in – joking, but not really joking. Kim Won Hae is more than often in K-dramas that we are currently watching, and his roles are usually very different. Most people will remember him as the hilarious office worker in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” but Kim Won Hae has actually been acting in movies and K-dramas since the late ’90s. Most recently, he brought tears to our eyes in “Youth Of May” as a disabled father, and shortly after, he played an office worker at a magazine company in the healing rom-com “Monthly Magazine Home.” Both roles were so different, but he still managed to tug at our heartstrings respectively.

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4. Jung Moon Sung

Jung Moon Sung has been famous in the entertainment industry for being a musical actor and for also playing in a lot of minor but very impressionable roles. He manages to always charm his way into viewers’ hearts and this is most apparent in his role as Captain Yoo Dae Wi’s older brother in the hit series “Prison Playbook,” as well as his recurring role as the loyal and warm-hearted Do Jae Hak in “Hospital Playlist.” He is an actor we can always look forward to when he is cast in K-dramas!

You can also catch him in the series “Haechi”:

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5. Lee Joon Hyuk (1972)

Lee Joon Hyuk is another supporting actor who has been in basically any K-drama you’ve watched. His repertoire of K-dramas is endless, and you’re guaranteed to remember the characters he has played. In “Love in the Moonlight,” he was the hard working Eunuch Jang, which he won an award for, and in “Stove League,” he played the detestable and petty scouter. There is no role that he cannot do, and he never fails to showcase his versatility as an actor!

Catch him in “Bossam – Steal the Fate”:

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6. Kim Seul Gi

Kim Seul Gi is one of those actresses who always manages to capture your attention and your heart. Her dry humor and ability to lay down the law when she’s frustrated and/or upset is so delightful to watch. Her performances in “Oh My Ghostess,” “The Guardian,” and most recently in “Find Me In Your Memory” are all so memorable. Although she has had a couple lead roles in various webtoon dramas and tv movies, she is definitely deserving of a female lead role in a K-drama. Hopefully it happens soon because she shines!

Check her out in “Find Me In Your Memory”:

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7. Kim Mi Kyung

Kim Mi Kyung has played the mother of pretty much every actor and actress out there in K-dramaland. She’s so good at playing the nurturing and warm-hearted parent, but she has also had her share of roles that were completely different. In “Heirs,” she played Park Shin Hye‘s mother and then a few years later played the elite hacker for Ji Chang Wook in “Healer.” There is no limit to Kim Mi Kyung’s versatility, which is why she’s such a show stopper!

Watch her help take down the bad guys in “Healer”:

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8. Kim Sun Young

Kim Sun Young is that familiar face we see in K-dramas when we know we’re going to get a good scene. She has the ability to evoke tears, laughs, and make us feel all warm inside. One of her most memorable roles was her portrayal as the single mother in “Reply 1988,” which made us emotionally invested in her storyline. More recently, she was in the movie “Three Sisters” in which she won the Best Supporting Actress award at this past year’s Baeksang Arts Awards. She never fails to capture our hearts and attention no matter which role she plays!

Watch her in her most recent role in “Homemade Love Story”:

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9. Hwang Seok Jeong

How can we ever forget Hwang Seok Jeong in her role as the eccentric and quirky boss in “She Was Pretty“? Her character, who loved to wear elaborate and bright colored clothing while twirling around the office and giving advice to all the employees, was so memorable that she even won Best Supporting Actress at the 2015 MBC Drama Awards. Hwang Seok Jeong has continued to deliver unforgettable performances that are always so impressive.

Catch her in her most recent drama “Delayed Justice”:

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Hey Soompiers, which of these scene-stealing actors and actresses is your favorite? Are there any others you can think of? Let me know in the comments below!

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