Lee Seung Gi To Join JYP And P NATION’s Audition Show “LOUD” As “Super Agent”

Lee Seung Gi is coming to SBS’s “LOUD”!

“LOUD” is an audition program in which JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young and P NATION founder PSY set out to create two new boy groups that will debut separately under their respective agencies. The program focuses not only on the contestants’ singing and dancing skills, but also their artistic talents in a wide array of fields including songwriting, producing, arranging, musical instruments, and the fine arts.

On July 24, SBS announced that singer and actor Lee Seung Gi would be joining the show as a “super agent,” a unique position that will be completely different from the roles played by Park Jin Young and PSY.

The producers of “LOUD” stated, “Faced with having to choose between two big agencies, JYP and P NATION, the contestants may inevitably have a hard time expressing their intentions. We thought Lee Seung Gi, who has not only the ability to sincerely help them but also experience [as a singer], would be the perfect person for the role of super agent, and we were ultimately able to bring him on the show.”

As JYP and P NATION battle to recruit their chosen “LOUD” contestants, Lee Seung Gi will help them through the process of negotiating with both companies and ultimately selecting an agency. As an experienced singer who debuted at an age similar to that of the “LOUD” contestants, Lee Seung Gi will provide them with warmth, guidance, and support as they enter Round 5.

In the upcoming episode of “LOUD,” Lee Seung Gi will sit down with the contestants for one-on-one counseling sessions as an agent—and despite their initial surprise at meeting the star, they quickly open up to him after he makes them feel completely at ease with his approachable demeanor.

The producers of “LOUD” commented, “It was remarkable how Lee Seung Gi, who is an A-list MC, [approached the contestants] as a self-proclaimed ‘friendly neighborhood hyung [older brother or male friend]’ and chatted with them in a way that made them feel comfortable.”

They went on to reveal, “[Lee Seung Gi] will be continuing with the show through the final journey of ‘LOUD,’ in which the respective members of JYP’s and P NATION’s two new groups will be decided.”

The next episode of “LOUD” will air on July 24 at 11 p.m. KST—two hours later than usual, due to coverage of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Are you excited to see Lee Seung Gi join the show?

In the meantime, catch up on “LOUD” with English subtitles below!

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