NCT’s Shotaro Shares His Reaction To Hearing He Was Joining The Group, How He Wants His Fans To See Him, And More

NCT’s Shotaro gave fans a deeper look into his life with Vogue Korea!

On September 21, 2020, NCT officially announced that Shotaro will join the group. When asked how he felt when he heard the news, he shared, “I was practicing with Sungchan, who also joined NCT. One day, an agency employee called us and explained in detail about NCT and said we would become part of it. My heart was pounding and I kept repeatedly asking myself, ‘Oh, really?’.”

The interviewer wondered if he had a hard time believing it, and Shotaro admitted, “Yes, I couldn’t believe it. Before I came to Korea, I saw one of NCT 127’s performances during their tour when I was in Japan. They were so cool that I wanted to be that kind of singer. I was happy and scared that I would be doing something on stage with those members.”

Shotaro’s debut stage was on October 12, 2020 on Mnet’s “M Countdown” with the song “Make A Wish (Birthday Song).” When asked how he had felt during his first performance, he replied, “I was so nervous that I almost cried. It was my first time, so it was unfamiliar, but the other members seemed to be used to it. I guess I was worried that I might do something wrong. It was my first performance, but I was sad that our fans weren’t there because of COVID-19. I can’t wait to stand in front of the fans.”

When asked how Shotaro wants the fans to see him, he answered, “Someone with potential! I haven’t shown that much of myself yet. I need to make an effort so that they keep an eye on me.” Then he added that he wants to showcase various performances, especially since he hasn’t gotten many opportunities to stand on stage yet.

Shotaro then talked about the positives of being a singer. He said, “A singer is a job that makes people happy. There are a lot of people who are positively influenced by listening to our music and watching our performances. I’m glad that I could support them even a little like that, and I’m going to continue to be that kind of person in the future.”

Next, he shared the negatives of being a singer, saying, “It’s fun to be on stage, but in order to do that, there’s a burden that the performance must always be perfect. I practice a lot so that I don’t give into that pressure.”

The interviewer asked which artist influenced him, and Shotaro commented, “There are many amazing artists. So it’s hard to pick one, but right now, Chris Brown comes to my mind. His dances and songs are amazing.”

Shotaro’s mother loved dancing, so she would take five-year-old Shotaro to a dance academy. When asked if he remembered that, he said, “She said that’s what happened. I was so young that I don’t really remember it.”

The interviewer asked him how long he learned dancing for, and he answered, “Not only did I attend that academy, but I went to other places for about ten years and learned many different types of dances.”

Then Shotaro mentioned a memorable stage from the past. He shared, “I’ve been on stage so many times. When I was in elementary school, I had a dance recital at the academy once a year, and my parents were very happy. They were touched when they saw me dancing in the center.” Then he added the dance he did back then was a hip hop routine and shared he still likes hip hop to this day.

Next, the interviewer asked Shotaro when he decided to get a job related to dancing. The idol explained, “When I was in middle school, my dance teacher taught students and stood on a big stage as an artist. I wanted to be like the my teacher.”

When asked why he dances, he answered, “There’s no special reason. I naturally dance while listening to music when I am happy or stressed. It’s great for no reason.”

Regarding where he gets his ideas for his choreography, he remarked, “It might sound unique, but when I look at the album jacket and listen to the song, the mood of the song reaches me and the choreography comes to my mind. I think the jacket design is the beginning of inspiration.”

Shotaro revealed something he likes other than dancing is fashion. He shared he likes to see people’s style on social media and enjoys looking for cool outfits at stores.

When asked what kind of fashion he likes, he replied, “I like comfortable and sophisticated clothes. I also like vintage clothes and hip hop outfits. Now that I think about it, I enjoy a variety of styles.”

The interviewer praised Shotaro for his Korean and shared they heard he prepared for this interview with his Korean teacher. Concerning how he studies Korean, Shotaro said, “I watch a lot of content in Korean. From short videos to movies. But I think I improve the most while talking to my members and agency staff.” However, he added that he still needs subtitles when he watches Korean movies.

The interviewer also asked Shotaro about his goal for the second half of the year. He replied, “I’ve said this many times, but I want to put on a great performance.” Then laughing, he added, “And I want to watch Korean movies without subtitles.”

Next, Shotaro shared his dream as a musician. He commented, “I want to be someone who makes people dream and touches their hearts. I want to be someone who can’t be forgotten even though time passes by. For example, I want to be like Michael Jackson.”

Regarding the life he wants to live as the human Shotaro, he shared, “I want to do things at my pace without being chased by something. On top of that, I want to be a positive influence to others.”

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