Watch: Jeon Do Yeon Hits Rock Bottom In Emotional Teaser For New Drama With Ryu Jun Yeol

JTBC has shared a heartbreaking new teaser for its upcoming drama “Lost.”

In her first drama role in five years, Jeon Do Yeon will be starring in “Lost” as Boo Jung, a ghostwriter in her forties who feels as though she hasn’t amounted to anything. Ryu Jun Yeol will star as Kang Jae, a man struggling to make ends meet who is terrified of his unpromising future. When the two characters meet in the shadows, they embark on a journey of healing as they attempt to escape the darkness.

The newly released teaser begins with Boo Jung looking helpless as she is unexpectedly assaulted by an uninvited visitor who storms into her workplace. In a pained voice, she tells someone off-screen, “Because of you, I lost my job, I lost my kids, and I lost myself.”

As her life falls apart, Boo Jung says in voice-over, “Father, like a badly constructed building, I’m in the process of collapsing very slowly.”

Confronting someone at a bookstore, Boo Jung says pointedly, “I enjoyed reading your book. It was exactly the same, without your having changed a single word.” The upset ghostwriter then angrily tosses the book in the trash as she walks out without looking back.

While the caption describes her as “a 40-year-old woman who lost her way without having amounted to anything,” Boo Jung tearfully continues, “Father, I didn’t amount to anything. I haven’t amounted to anything since I was born.”

The teaser ends with Boo Jung standing alone as she mysteriously asks, “How far along is this place?”

“Lost” is currently scheduled to premiere in September. In the meantime, check out the new teaser below!

While you wait for “Lost,” watch Jeon Do Yeon in her film “Beasts Clawing at Straws” with subtitles here:

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