Brave Entertainment Releases Official Apology For Unsatisfactory Operation Of Business Related To Brave Girls

Brave Entertainment’s vice president released a letter of apology that addresses many issues that were raised by fans regarding Brave Girls’ fan café, commercial shoot, and merchandise.

The letter mentions an incident that took place during Brave Girls’ commercial shoot for a soju brand in July. A YouTuber claiming they were invited to the shoot revealed private information about the commercial through a live broadcast after the shoot. Fans were enraged when the YouTuber spoke in a way suggesting they were more privileged than the fans for being able to attend the filming. On July 15, Brave Entertainment released a statement clarifying that the company had no connection to the YouTuber in any way and did not approve the idea to invite them.

Below is the full apology letter posted by Brave Entertainment’s vice president on July 25:

This is Brave Entertainment’s vice president Lee Jong Hwa.

I bow my head in apology for the many shameful events that took place recently, and I would like to explain the circumstances and follow-up measures we are taking in response to the many issues, the compensation the company will be providing, and a promise that these issues will not happen again.

Brave Entertainment, which grew through the love of the fans, recognized the gravity of the many issues and reflected on them, and that is why we are posting an official apology.

Brave Entertainment was not able to meet your expectations and return the love shown by everyone, so those in charge, including myself, are all feeling heavily responsible.

I acknowledge that we were not able to prevent the shameful events in advance and reacted to the problems in an inadequate way, and I sincerely apologize once more.

I would like to especially apologize to the Brave Girls fans who felt discomfort due to the issues addressed below.

1. Controversy regarding fan manager’s abuse of power

The fan manager in question has submitted a resignation letter, and the company has accepted it.

As it is an issue that occurred due to my lacking managing abilities and a mismanagement of the employees, I will humbly accept the criticism expressed by the fans.

I promise that the newly appointed fan manager will go through a strict test of character and communicate from the viewpoint of the fans.

2. Fan café admin’s arbitrary deletion of posts

Through one-on-one meetings with all employees in the related department, which includes the new fan manager, I will do my best to avoid any such incidents from recurring. We will thoroughly educate the fan café post admin and the employee responsible for ordering the deletion of the posts and guide them to listen closely to the opinions of the fans.

3. Purchase cancellation and return of merchandise due to quality issues

We promise to retrieve and provide refunds for all of the merchandise sold originally that refunds and returns were requested for. We will be reaching out to each and every one of the purchasers.

4. Brave Entertainment’s stance regarding the advertising agency

Regarding the advertising agency that produced a commercial using content filmed at the commercial shoot on July 5 which pertains to a breach of contract, we will officially cancel the contract after the production output is delivered.

*Breach of contract: Filming content without prior consultation / Inviting a YouTuber without prior consultation

5. Brave Entertainment’s stance regarding YouTuber H

Our company has not had any discussions or conversations regarding YouTuber H who caused trouble. Since the advertising agency decided to sue the YouTuber, we will not take any further legal action after we confirm that the advertising agency has filed the lawsuit.

6. The issue of an acquaintance (model agency) participating in the commercial filming project

Regarding the suspicions of acquaintance employment that were raised by many fans, we inform you that the suspicions are not true. The company did not request the model agency to work on the production of the advertisement, and instead, we were sent the advertisement model contract through the model agency.

7. Issues with lack of communication in fan café

We will increase the number of admins and make an effort to increase communication in the fan café. We will collect the fans’ opinions and have regular internal meetings where all executive officers including myself will listen to the opinions of the admins for the fans.

8. Statement regarding Brave Girls’ official YouTube channel

We submitted the application for the Brave Girls channel to be an Official Artist Channel (OAC) immediately after it met the conditions of eligibility and are awaiting YouTube’s response. We apologize for failing to quickly provide updates on the process, and we will improve ourselves by communicating more swiftly. There were many fan opinions regarding subtitles not being available at the moment of a video’s release. We are creating the subtitles through a partner company. It takes two to three days to create the subtitles, so it takes time for them to be available on the videos. We will ask the partner company to speed up the process as much as possible.

If there are any issues other than these that I have not identified, I will take time to check each one and do my best to solve them.

Thanks to the immense attention and love shown by the fans, Brave Entertainment is walking a path and taking on work that we have never experienced in the past.

However, lack of experience and knowledge cannot be a reason or excuse for the many mistakes, so we are working on taking firm and transparent follow-up measures.

From this moment on, Brave Entertainment will keep this apology posted on the announcement section of the official website and social media channels for 10 days.

We promise to establish specific plans for improvement to create change so that we can repay the love shown by the fans, and using this experience as a steppingstone, we will take more thorough and careful steps with a greater sense of responsibility.

We would also like to thank the fans, and we genuinely apologize once again.

Yours Sincerely,

Brave Entertainment Vice President Lee Jong Hwa

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