8 Times 2PM Turned Heads With Their Mature Concepts

2PM is one of the thriving second generation idol groups since 2008 and counting. Taecyeon, Jun.K, Nichkhun, Wooyoung, Junho, and Chansung have been blessing K-pop fans with amazing releases year after year. While military duty forced a hiatus unto the group for a few years, they have recently made their comeback as a full group to their fandom’s greatest delight.

Since their debut, 2PM has always included storylines that appeal to a variety of ages. Gentlemanly at times and macho at others, let’s look back on some of the members’ mature concepts that turned heads over the years!

1. “Without U”

While this song is technically about heartbreak, you cannot ignore this heart-fluttering choreography under the pouring rain. Dressed all in black, the members dance their pain away as they bid their past relationships goodbye and ooze confidence while they embrace their new solo journey. In this context, it’s the mindset (and the attire) that’s turning heads over here!

2. “I’m Your Man”

This Japanese track presents to you 2PM in suits, and that’s a look you can never get tired of. This gentlemen’s club owns the floor with their fierce gazes, swooning lyrics, and sharp dance moves. Plus, extra points go to the amazing tie key point dance. Needless to say, this captivating concept is bound to make hearts pound.

3. “Only You”

Maturity can also be found in soft concepts. The scenery of the members having a picnic together and enjoying their time is pretty energizing. While it’s a slightly different sight compared to their previous comebacks, 2PM has proven to master any concept that comes their way. Whether it’s a suit or a cardigan, they will always be able to pull it off and snatch hearts as they do.

4. “Come Back When You Hear This Song”

2PM continues to experiment with white collar fashion, throwing a hint of suspenders into the mix this time. Going with the seven deadly sins as this MV’s theme, the members vividly represent each cardinal sin from lust all the way to gluttony. One thing is certain: we’ll come back to 2PM whenever we hear this song!

5. “A.D.T.O.Y.”

Somebody asked for a hot affair on a silver platter? Well, 2PM delivered. This is perhaps the group’s sultriest concept yet, and admittedly, it got us all day thinking of it. The choreography is laidback and hypnotizing, which perfectly adds to the sensual vibe of the MV. Talk about a head turner!

6. “Winter Games”

This is another Japanese entry that is just as enchanting as the Korean ones. 2PM is dressed in leather and facing a harsh winter all while providing the best treatment to their respective love interests in the MV. And let’s not forget the hip thrust that finds its way into this steamy choreography. Not only did the members participate in these winter games, but they have won each and every one of them!

7. “Promise (I’ll Be)”

If there is a promise that 2PM has kept throughout their career, it is to always make our hearts flutter with their breathtaking themes. The tension in this narrative leaves viewers on their toes, anticipating what would happen next with every member. It looks like these gentlemen have made another solid promise, which is to send fans on an emotional rollercoaster every single time.

8. “Make It”

Known as one of the manliest K-pop groups in the industry, the group’s latest comeback after a long hiatus has kept the tradition alive with their sexy presence and matching wardrobe. In this sizzling concept, they manage to spot their ideal types amidst a blazing chaos, powered by an equally hot choreography. If anyone can make it happen, it has to be 2PM!

Which mature concept by 2PM is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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