Watch: Bae In Hyuk, Kang Min Ah, And Park Ji Hoon Are An Inseparable Trio On Set Of “At A Distance Spring Is Green”

KBS 2TV’s “At a Distance Spring is Green” released a new making-of video!

The behind-the-scenes clip begins with Park Ji Hoon filming a confrontational scene with his on-screen father Kim Hyung Muk. Despite the tension in the scene, Kim Hyung Muk quickly comforts Park Ji Hoon once filming ends. Na In Woo joins them, and after wrapping up filming, Na In Woo challenges Park Ji Hoon to a dance battle. Kim Hyung Muk joins the battle while asking, “Do I have to do this too?”

In the scene of them working on their project together, Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk get energetic as they use ad-libs to bicker playfully. While arguing, Bae In Hyuk and Park Ji Hoon type out nonsense phrases and the lyrics to South Korea’s national anthem on the laptop as they show off their hilarious chemistry.

Kang Min Ah offers to hold the light reflector even though it’s much bigger than her. Park Ji Hoon holds the mic, and the two tease Bae In Hyuk by pretending to film him. Later, the three leave the set with Kang Min Ah being half-carried by Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk on the way out.

Pretending to be the professor, Bae In Hyuk writes the title of their drama in big letters on the chalkboard. One of the staff member comments, “Professor, your writing is so bad.” He begins to explain what the phrase “green spring” means, but the staff member asks, “What kind of spring is it from up close?” Bae In Hyuk ignores her as he continues to explain that the green spring signifies youth.

While rehearsing, Bae In Hyuk draws Park Ji Hoon on his notebook, but Park Ji Hoon refuses to acknowledge the drawing as him. Bae In Hyuk states, “I’ll try drawing Kang Min Ah,” but Kang Min Ah replies, “No, don’t draw me. I’ll be upset if you do this and draw poorly.” Park Ji Hoon shares, “It’s taking longer than my drawing. I’m a bit angry. Wow, look at the detail.” However, Kang Min Ah comments, “There’s no detail. Look at it right now.”

Park Ji Hoon gets revenge by drawing Bae In Hyuk instead, and Kang Min Ah states, “Aren’t these pictures drawn by first graders?” Nevertheless, Park Ji Hoon proudly states, “I think I drew the best, honestly.”

When Kang Min Ah films Bae In Hyuk and Park Ji Hoon, she shares, “They’re the cute babies of our drama.” Bae In Hyuk also pulls out his phone to film Kang Min Ah. She shares, “On the back of Soo Hyun’s (Bae In Hyuk’s) phone is a sticker of Joon (Park Ji Hoon). It’s because they love each other.”

The three actors gather together to watch the teaser for their drama. Kang Min Ah comments, “This drama looks fun. I should watch it because Bae In Hyuk and Park Ji Hoon appear in it.” Bae In Hyuk adds, “The female lead is lucky,” and Kang Min Ah plays along, saying, “The work environment is good. I’m jealous of Kang Min Ah’s work environment. If I also [have an opportunity] like that, I can work hard on filming.”

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