Kim So Hye’s Accuser Refutes Agency’s Claims + Reveals Police Dropped Charges Against Her; Kim So Hye’s Agency Responds

The individual who accused Kim So Hye of school violence has contradicted the statement made by the actress’s agency.

Earlier this year, an anonymous individual (hereafter referred to as “A”) wrote on an online community that Kim So Hye had been a perpetrator of school violence in middle school. Kim So Hye’s agency, S&P Entertainment, responded by filing a criminal complaint against A.

On July 27, Kim So Hye’s agency released a statement claiming that A had admitted to lying during the police investigation. The agency also alleged in their statement that A had been found to have been a perpetrator of school violence against Kim So Hye.

However, on June 28, A revealed in a new post that the charges against her had actually been dropped. Her post was titled, “I wrote the post exposing [Kim So Hye] for school violence, and the police dropped the charges against me.”

A wrote, “After I wrote my post at the beginning of the year, [Kim So Hye’s agency] filed a criminal complaint against me for defamation of character through spreading falsehoods. They also offered to drop the suit if I deleted the post. In the end, we were not able to reach a settlement, and the police dropped the charges against me.”

A also shared the document explaining the police’s decision to drop the charges, which includes a copy of the records from the school violence committee meeting about the incident involving Kim So Hye.

The police’s explanation of why the charges were dropped states, “If you look at the records from the school violence committee meeting, it’s true that the plaintiff [Kim So Hye] was punished after being found to have been a perpetrator of school violence by doing things like making [a student] kneel in front of her friends.”

Meanwhile, the school violence committee meeting records include the statement, “In May 2012, when Kim So Hye was a first-year student at Sookmyung Girls’ Middle School, she grabbed B, a student of the same age from a different middle school, by the hair and forced her to kneel in a park, then hit her.”

A continued, “I was really shocked to see that the statement didn’t match the things I experienced. I don’t know if they’ll sue me again for writing this, but since I suffered for four months [due to their lawsuit], I’m writing this because I think I should reveal my side of the story. I simply knew what Kim So Hye did when she was in middle school. I didn’t understand why, when I said she was a perpetrator [of school violence], her fans said I was spreading rumors. I thought that since she obviously knew it was true, she wouldn’t sue me. Since the results are clear, I hope that they’ll stop with the groundless lawsuits.”

Later that day, S&P Entertainment responded by releasing the following statement:

Hello, this is S&P Entertainment.

Although we provided an update on the investigation in our previous statement, we are sharing some additional details.

At the moment, in July 2021, the police has decided to forward the case regarding posts that are considered criminal to the prosecution.

What we said before about the person who spread false rumors being a perpetrator of school violence is true, and we will continue to monitor the progress of the case and cooperate with investigations until the end.

Unrelated to this, we will address the issue of the charges being dropped.

First, the claim that we were the first to suggest, “If you delete the post, we’ll drop the lawsuit,” is not true.

On May 20, 2021, we heard from the police investigating the case that the defendant’s lawyer had expressed interest in settling. Therefore, we contacted the above lawyer, and we received a settlement offer by email.

However, we were not able to resolve our differences of opinion regarding subjective claims that were not true, and so we did not reach a settlement.

At the beginning, we requested a police investigation because the original post included claims that were different from the truth or that mixed together misrepresented facts.

As we said in our previous statement, [Kim So Hye] did fight with a student from another school when she was in her first year of middle school due to a misunderstanding, and a school violence committee meeting was held [about the incident].

Since the writer of the post was not involved in the incident and was a third party, we are wary of describing the incident with the other student in detail, but since there may be misunderstandings, we will speak about it in a bit more detail.

[Kim So Hye] and the other student’s relationship was merely at the level of having introduced themselves and saying hi to one another, so they did not know each other’s personalities well. Due to a simple misunderstanding, a verbal fight arose, and afterwards, while they were grabbing each other by the hair and arguing, the other student fell and ended up kneeling.

Aside from this, there was no additional violence, such as hitting her. [Kim So Hye] was investigated as a perpetrator of school violence due to this incident, and she received the punishment of [being instructed to write] a written apology.

Also, separate from the written apology, [Kim So Hye] officially apologized to the other student in person, and through a long conversation, they resolved their misunderstandings and wrapped up the matter well.

We deeply apologize once again to the other student whose feelings were hurt due to [Kim So Hye’s] foolish actions at an immature age.

Afterwards, not only the truth about the above incident, but also false rumors began to spread [about Kim So Hye].

Apart from this incident, it is not true at all that Kim So Hye maliciously or one-sidedly tormented others, was a repeat perpetrator of school violence, or stood by and watched school violence.

Additionally, separate from this, she was a victim of school violence perpetrated by a group, and it is not a lie that one of those perpetrators spread malicious false rumors.

At the moment, false rumors about things that did not happen are being created, and as we have up until now, we will take aggressive legal action against the amplification and reproduction of groundless rumors about our agency’s actor.

Thank you.

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