Director Of Kim Sae Ron And Nam Da Reum’s New Drama “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim” Shares Reasons To Tune In

KakaoTV’s upcoming original drama “The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim” shared an interview with director Park Ho Jin ahead of the premiere!

“The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim” stars Kim Sae Ron in the titular role as Ga Doo Shim, an 18-year-old who wants to be an ordinary teenager but was born under the fate of becoming a great shaman. Nam Da Reum co-stars as Na Woo Soo, the school’s “golden boy” who begins to see ghosts after meeting Ga Doo Shim.

A relatable message

Director Park Ho Jin said, “It’s a fantasy exorcism drama set in a school, but it’s really about the growth of two young kids. Like most kids these days, Ga Doo Shim and Na Woo Soo are trying to discover who they really are and find a place in the world to fit in. I think that their story can be a message of support for those kids.”

He added, “The kids work together to beat up demons, but they also fight back against adults, who are pushing them to follow the path of economic success. The kids learn the true meaning of what it means to live and work ‘together’ with other people. I hope that it can spark cross-generation discussion among people, whether it’s people in their teens and 20s who relate to the students, or parents who relate to the struggle of raising children in the current age.”

A talented, tried-and-tested cast

Park Ho Jin picked the stellar cast of the drama as the second key point viewers should look out for. Kim Sae Ron and Nam Da Reum are relatively young to the scene when it comes to lead roles, but they have both proven their skills through their extensive work as child actors. Up-and-coming actor Yoo Seon Ho also appears in the drama along with veterans like Bae Hae Sun, Moon Sung Geun, and Yoon Seok Hwa.

Park Ho Jin said, “I first met her around the time of ‘The Man from Nowhere,’ but she’s become an adult since then. She was a bit worried about playing a high school student, but I was impressed at how quickly she transformed when given the smallest of directions. Often it’s difficult to ask a lead actress to cut her long hair for a role, but when I suggested a short haircut, she readily agreed and then showed up with short hair a few days later. It was like she really was Ga Doo Shim.”

About Nam Da Reum, the director said, “He’s exactly like Na Woo Soo. He created an appealing character and synchronized well with Doo Shim and received a lot of love from everyone on set.”

Yoo Seon Ho plays Hyun Soo, a student who dies in the first scene and appears in the rest of the drama as a ghost. The director said, “We had a series of long discussions about the first scene, and I was impressed at how much he’d prepared when it came time to shoot.”

Moon Sung Geun plays Kyung Pil, the principal of Songyoung High School, the most prestigious school in Korea. Yoon Seok Hwa and Bae Hae Sun play Ga Doo Shim’s grandmother (Myo Shim) and mother (Hyo Shim), who are also shamans.

A variety of genres

Director Park Ho Jin emphasized that the drama is a combination of multiple genres, including fantasy, mystery, and youthful romance. “I think that viewers these days are open to the idea of cross-genre productions,” he said. “As long as it’s interesting and fun, people can follow the story no matter where it goes. The production staff are really talented people. Because of them, each episode feels complete in terms of editing, computer graphics, music, and sound mixing.”

Finally, the director shared a taste of what viewers can look forward to in the first two episodes. “The first episode will be about Doo Shim’s past, while the second episode will focus on the main storyline of the danger that surrounds Woo Soo and Doo Shim,” he said.

“The Great Shaman Ga Doo Shim” will have 12 episodes total, each 20 minutes long. The first will premiere on July 30 at 8 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.

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