Watch: Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, Bae In Hyuk, And More Can’t Bear To Part During Final Goodbyes For “At A Distance Spring Is Green”

The cast of KBS 2TV’s “At a Distance Spring is Green” bid farewell to the drama!

Starring Park Ji Hoon, Kang Min Ah, and Bae In Hyuk, “At a Distance Spring is Green” is a college campus drama about the realistic concerns and love lives of university students. The drama came to a conclusion last month with steady ratings.

The behind-the-scenes look begins with Park Ji Hoon’s last day of filming. He shares, “The long period of 60 days is over, and I feel both sad and proud. I feel like I’m tearing up, and it was a set full of affection. It was an honor to film with the cool staff and cast.” Tearing up slightly, Park Ji Hoon doesn’t appear to want to leave. He asks, “Do I really go? Do I go home? Isn’t there a scene tomorrow?”

On his last day of filming, Bae In Hyuk shares, “I’m not crying,” but he turns around and pretends to cry. He says goodbye to Kang Min Ah and the director with a sweet hug, but they try to stop him from leaving the set. Kang Min Ah also reveals that it feels lonely to wrap up filming alone without Park Ji Hoon and Bae In Hyuk. She comments, “I thought it wouldn’t end. I’m sad.” However, the actress shares that she’ll try to be comforted by watching the drama that has recently begun to air.

In his final remark, Park Ji Hoon shares, “I think time passed by too quickly. I filmed really enjoyably with the hyungs and nunas, and I filmed well with my father, mother, and older brother, so I’m sad because it feels like such a happy time has passed by.” Sharing that he learned a lot from the senior actors, Park Ji Hoon explains that he wants to tell himself that he’s worked hard and that he wants to express his gratitude to the other actors.

Kang Min Ah shares, “Honestly, since it’s a 12-part series, I think it ended faster than I expected.” She elaborates, “It feels like I’ve now become really close to all the staff members and actors, but now that it’s ending, I want to film for one more month.” The actress wraps up by sincerely thanking the viewers for tuning in throughout the series while asking them to support the drama’s characters.

Bae In Hyuk comments, “I’m so sad that the filming that seemed like it wouldn’t end has ended. Since the atmosphere on set was so good, it still doesn’t feel real that filming has ended. If I go home, I think like I’ll feel empty and finally realize [it’s over]. It still feels like I have to go in for filming immediately tomorrow, so it feels bittersweet. It’s a bit upsetting, and my heart hurts to think that I now can’t see the co-workers I’ve been together with everyday.”

Na In Woo reveals, “Although it was a short time, I’m so happy to have lived as Joon Wan. I also had a really enjoyable time being able to film a lot of scenes with my pretty younger sibling.” Mentioning re-runs as an option, the actor thanks viewers for tuning in, and he promises to return with an even better side of him in the future.

Choi Jung Woo comments, “I was just happy while filming. It was a lot of fun, and I also learned a lot. I think the actors and staff made a healthy project with positive energy. I think it’ll remain as a good memory. Thank you.”

CLC’s Eunbin shares, “Honestly, it’s my first time filming on the actual final day of filming, but since it’s everyone’s final day, it doesn’t feel real that it’s the end.” She adds, “I hope viewers felt a lot of comfort and love, and I hope viewers really love ‘At a Distance Spring is Green,’ which captures our youth as well as our characters’ youth.”

Woo Davi expresses her bittersweet feelings, sharing, “We all worked hard to film, and since we’ve wrapped up well, I hope a good project comes out as a result and that this becomes a drama that leaves a positive influence and gives off a positive energy.”

Yoo In Soo thanks viewers by sharing, “I hope viewers also live a life that’s like green spring whether you look from afar or from close up.” Lee Woo Je mentions how the director and staff took great care of him, sharing that the drama will become one of his cherished memories.

Shin Soo Hyun comments, “It feels like we were just about to get close when [the filming] ended. It was even more fun and we grew even more attached to each other because we got to film with people around our age.” Choi Moon Hee similarly thanks the viewers, and Kim Su Gyeom states, “I feel sad, but all of the time I spent with Soo Hyun (Bae In Hyuk) was beautiful.”

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