Watch: GOT7’s Jinyoung And Ji Sung Sweetly Take Care Of Each Other On Set Of “The Devil Judge”

tvN’s “The Devil Judge” released a new behind-the-scenes video!

In the new making-of video, GOT7’s Jinyoung gets playful as he makes the camera follow him around. After his actual hair stylist and makeup artist appear briefly in the drama, he tells them that they’ve done a great job. In a different scene with Ji Sung, Jinyoung takes care of the other actor by removing a small piece of dust from his face.

Ji Sung helps Jinyoung film his scene by silently mouthing his lines so that Jinyoung can immerse himself in his role. Grateful for the help, Jinyoung hugs Ji Sung afterwards. While Jinyoung is filming, Ji Sung also uses an electric mosquito swatter behind him so that he isn’t bothered.

While resting, Jinyoung mentions how Ji Sung’s shirt was about to burst while fighting. Embarrassed, Ji Sung reveals, “It was the shirt that was small.” Eyeing the staff’s mosquito swatter, Jinyoung shares, “I really want that.” Ji Sung tells that staff member, “You keep it. You’ll get it stolen by him.” Jinyoung warns, “Be careful. I have sticky fingers.” Eventually, Jinyoung gets his hands on the mosquito swatter, which he uses diligently until it’s confiscated by another staff member.

In the middle of Park Gyu Young and Jinyoung’s scene, a large ferry passes by, causing them to stop filming in order to wave at the excited passengers on board. Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung also remain energetic while filming their scene, laughing from having to do multiple takes.

Back at the courtroom, Jinyoung massages Ji Sung’s shoulders to help him loosen up. Later, Ji Sung playfully stretches a hand out to check if Jinyoung is sleeping, but Jinyoung keeps making up excuses by saying that he was immersing himself in the moment.

Kim Min Jung struggles to remember the order of her yoga poses, and although she nails the pose properly, she eventually falls because she can’t maintain her balance. The director compliments her after her workout, but Kim Min Jung compares herself to a character from the horror move “The Ring.”

When Jang Young Nam joins the scene, she and Kim Min Jung compete on who is the character that’s more cruel. Afterwards, Kim Min Jung breaks all the glasses on the table, and the director makes her freeze on the spot so that she doesn’t hurt herself while filming.

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