Han So Hee Steps Down From Film With Joo Ji Hoon Due To Health Concerns + Park Sung Woong Joins Cast

Han So Hee will unfortunately be stepping down from the film with Joo Ji Hoon in order to focus on her health.

Previously, Han So Hee and Joo Ji Hoon were confirmed to star in the upcoming film “Gentleman” (working title). On August 4, Han Soo Hee’s agency 9ato Entertainment released the following statement:

Hello. This is 9ato Entertainment.

We are informing you that actress Han So Hee has stepped down from the wavve original film “Gentleman.”

Amidst her busy schedule, Han So Hee closely discussed with the film production team and had the desire to star in “Gentleman,” but due to the doctor’s recommendation and judgement that she needs rest for the time being because of health reasons such as accumulated fatigue, she has decided to take the time to reorganize her body and heart after discussing with the production team and agency.

Although we wanted to greet fans and show a new side of actress Han So Hee through the film “Gentleman,” we ask for your understanding on reaching the judgement that she needs more time in order to show an even better side of herself.

Han So Hee will focus on recovering her health for the time being, and she will greet fans with her healthy and bright side through a new project. Thank you.

A source from the production team also shared, “Han So Hee, who had taken on the role of the elite passionate prosecutor Kim Hwa Jin, will unfortunately be stepping down due to health reasons.”

Along with Han So Hee’s departure, the film also confirmed that actor Park Sung Woong would be joining the cast lineup. Park Sung Woong will be playing the law firm CEO Kwon Do Hoon, who was once a prosecutor from a wealthy background. Having already taken on powerful roles in past films, Park Sung Woong will skillfully portray an intelligent and wicked character. Viewers are already anticipating the confrontation between Joo Ji Hoon’s and Park Sung Woong’s characters.

“Gentleman” is about private investigator Ji Hyun Soo (Joo Ji Hoon) who gets framed for murder and is unexpectedly swept up in a major case while trying to be vindicated. In order to get cleared of the accusation within a week, he partners up with prosecutor Kim Hwa Jin (formerly Han So Hee).

The production team revealed, “We plan on wrapping up the final actor lineup soon, and there have been no setbacks in the production schedule.”

“Gentleman” is slated to premiere next year.

Currently, Han So Hee is starring in the JTBC drama “Nevertheless.” Watch her in “100 Days My Prince” below:

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Also watch Park Sung Woong in “Okay Madam“:

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