11 Slow K-Pop Jams That Are Dreamy AF

When we think K-pop, the first thing that often comes to mind is fast tempo music that sets a party mood. Yet, artists have proven to us over the years that there is a softer side to the genre, with songs that can serve as a lullaby. This means there are so many good songs to include when making a K-pop playlist to unwind.

This being said, here are 11 slow K-pop jams that are dreamy AF. Enjoy the mellow ride!

1. SEVENTEEN – “Same Dream, Same Mind, Same Night”

If you’re looking for a cute song that acts as a love confession, SEVENTEEN has got your back. The members deliver a sweet ballad telling the story of what seems to be the perfect relationship, with the lyrics generously describing the feelings that stem from it. The soft instrumentals beautifully complement the ensemble, sending the listener on a daydreaming journey.

2. BTOB – “Missing You”

BTOB’s “Missing You” is a classic that deserves a shout-out. While it painfully carries the heavy weight of missing someone that is no longer a part of one’s life, there is a hint of hope in the members’ dreamy vocals. Plus, the piano that can be heard in the background magnificently sets the mood for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

3. Taeyeon – “What Do I Call You”

Fans are blessed with Taeyeon’s releases that always send them on an adventure. This one walks the audience through the various steps a couple takes following a breakup. While the storyline is rather gloomy, it doesn’t take away from the oddly calming melody. This could even be an ideal comfort song for people who have recently become single.

4. DAY6 – “You Were Beautiful”

Leave it to DAY6 to melt your hearts with their melancholic serenade. When the relationship hits a dead end, ultimatums are often placed on the table, and no matter the decision, the bitterness that comes with it is difficult to shake away. The combination of the lyrics with the song’s slow burn is paradoxically relaxing.

5. EXO – “Just as Usual”

Every relationship needs a little bit of reassurance and a lot of mutual work to succeed. EXO knows this all too well, as they magically sing about the ups and downs that can take place in a relationship, along with friendly advice to overcome all kinds of hurdles. The instrumentals add a dulcet feel to the lyrics, and the outcome is enchanting.

6. BLACKPINK – “Hope Not”

When they’re not firing up stages with their fast-tempo bops, BLACKPINK wears their serenading cap and blesses us with their harmonious vocals. Singing of letting a loved one go for the sake of their own happiness, the members know how to touch hearts as they become one with this heart-wrenching tune.

7. BTS – “Blue & Grey”

Loneliness, sadness, and confusion: BTS tackles some of many topics that leave people restless nowadays. As feeling blue is a universal emotion, the members ask the right questions to find happiness. This guitar ballad is embedded with all sorts of doubts and sends listeners on a rather slow rollercoaster of emotional self-discovery, fitting the melody to perfection.

8. Taemin – “Back to You”

Taemin knows a thing or two about dreamy tracks, and this is one of them. Merged with a gentle riff, the lyrics embody the feelings of someone wanting to get back in a relationship that has once represented them whole. The idol vividly brings those emotions to life as he sings his heart out. You can even hear his voice become one with the instrumentals.

9. IU – “Hi Spring Bye”

Is it just me or does IU sing a lot about spring? In yet another masterpiece, IU describes the aftermath of a breakup that has led her to perceive her ex as if they have met for the very first time. The imagery of spring is all over the lyrics, and the warm tune in the background sets the tone for the entire song.

10. TXT – “Nap of a Star”

TXT has taken “dreamy” literally with their lullaby that is simply nap material. The members collectively sing to a hypnotizing melody about childhood memories. There is nothing purer than someone cherishing memories to the point they’d wish to relive them in their dreams, forever reviving these recollections in their subconscious.

11. Epik High – “Lullaby for a Cat”

Speaking of lullabies, it would be a sin not to include Epik High’s very own cradle song. Famous for its somnolent impact on cats, this laidback ballad bears an intense feeling of relaxation as soon as the intro starts. While the lyrics carry a heavy sense of cynicism, the instrumentals are set to help its listeners unwind as they play it on repeat.

Which slow jam is your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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