Teenage Girl Group Member Talks About Debuting At A Young Age On “The King Of Mask Singer”

On August 8, MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer” aired a “summer special” where eight new singers emerged to challenge the reigning champion for the crown.


The fourth and last match-up of Round 1 was between “Homebody” and “Virtual Boyfriend,” who covered Fly to the Sky’s “Day By Day.” Virtual Boyfriend impressed with his powerful and deep voice, while Homebody showed off her clear and bright vocals.

As a result of the panelists’ votes, Virtual Boyfriend advanced to Round 2 and Homebody took off her mask to reveal her identity as Rocket Punch’s Dahyun.

Dahyun was born in 2005, making her 16 in international age and 17 in Korean age. She said, “I’m the youngest, but I’m in charge of charisma in the group. I say this because I think that cool concepts suit me well. But I debuted when I was 14, and a lot of people commented that I was the youngest idol at the time, so the older members treat me as cute no matter what I do. But I think now they’re acknowledging me a little as having grown up.”

Dahyun is a fan of 2NE1 and sang “I Don’t Care” during her unmasking in front of Sandara Park, one of the panelists. She said, “Since Sandara Park was watching me, I worried about whether I could do well, but I didn’t give up and tried my best.” Sandara Park replied warmly, “I voted for Dahyun. I thought that the song suited her well and she did so well. If she’s 17 now, then she would be almost like a daughter to me, but I think her ambition is very cool. I’ll always cheer you on.”

Dahyun shared that her goal was to become fluent in many languages. “Before I turn 20, I’d like to master three new languages,” she said. “I always feel sorry when I’m communicating with foreign fans. If I can learn English, Japanese, and Chinese… I want to study hard and work hard toward this goal.”

Dahyun also danced a cover to miss A’s “Hush” as part of the talent show segment of the show.

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