Watch: Yoon Se Ah, Ji Jin Hee, And More Banter Playfully On Set Of “The Road: The Tragedy Of One”

tvN’s “The Road: The Tragedy of One” released a new behind-the-scenes video!

“The Road: The Tragedy of One” is a mystery drama about a tragic incident that takes place one night in the pouring rain—and the silence and cover-up that ensue, giving rise to many entangled secrets and leaving further tragedies in their wake.

Ji Jin Hee will star in the drama as Baek Soo Hyun, Korea’s most trusted anchor, who is famous for only speaking the truth even amidst pressure from powerful forces. Yoon Se Ah will star as his wife Seo Eun Soo, who is the daughter of Seo Gi Tae (Chun Ho Jin), the chairman of one of Korea’s biggest conglomerates.

The making-of video begins with Yoon Se Ah trying to undo the buttons on Ji Jin Hee’s shirt. However, they struggle, causing Ji Jin Hee to reveal, “This is how I feel. This is how Soo Hyun feels.”

In another clip, Ahn Nae Sang is informed about the scene, and he comments, “Our drama really has a lot of curious aspects. You can’t react simply to our drama. I don’t have an ex-wife, do I?” He continues, “This is probably my worst drama. I think this is my first time playing such a role.” Kim Hye Eun asks, “Do you hate me that much?” and Ahn Nae Sang replies, “Ask the viewers.” Nevertheless, Ahn Nae Sang gets concerned for Kim Hye Eun while filming, telling her to be careful not to get hurt while acting.

After Kim Hye Eun hums a song, Ahn Nae Sang claps and shares, “We can’t not clap after hearing Seoul National University music,” referring to the fact that Kim Hye Eun graduated from Seoul National University.

While filming the party scene, Yoon Se Ah sweetly takes care of her on-screen son Kim Min Joon. Ji Jin Hee joins them and also looks after the child actor. When Kim Min Joon offers him chocolate, Ji Jin Hee shares, “I can’t. I’d be in big trouble if I eat this. I’m holding back right now. I could eat everything.” Ji Jin Hee shares that he wanted to eat spicy rice cakes yesterday, but he couldn’t because it was too late. Kim Min Joon sweetly comforts him after hearing the story.

During the dinner scene, Yoon Se Ah whispers to Ji Jin Hee to question why the production team is continuously moving around the table in circles. Ji Jin Hee teases her by repeating what Yoon Se Ah asked out loud, causing Yoon Se Ah to angrily yell, “Honey! I will get revenge.”

Kang Sung Min calls Son Yeo Eun an old-style person for waving when she sees the making-of camera. Kang Sung Min shares that one has to pretend that being filmed is part of one’s everyday life to appear young. Yoon Se Ah quickly gives up and excitedly waves to the camera with Son Yeo Eun.

At the end of the video, Lee Jong Hyuk makes a special appearance in the drama. He shares, “Since I’m originally close to Ji Jin Hee, I filmed comfortably. If all goes well, it’s due to Ji Jin Hee.”

Watch the full making-of video below!

“The Road: The Tragedy of One” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:50 p.m. KST and is available with subtitles on Viki.

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