Lee Ga Ryung Talks About Working With Sung Hoon And Lee Min Young In “Love (Ft. Marriage And Divorce)”

Lee Ga Ryung recently participated in an interview after the ending of the second season of her drama “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce).”

“Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” is a TV Chosun drama about three women in their 30s, 40s, and 50s who experience unexpected shakeups in their marriages when they discover their husbands are having an affair. It is written by Im Sung Han (also known as Phoebe), who is known as a makjang drama writer (dramas with extreme plot twists).

Lee Ga Ryung played Boo Hye Ryung, the woman in her 30s, who is a former announcer and current radio DJ. She is married to Pan Sa Hyun (played by Sung Hoon). Boo Hye Ryung and Pan Sa Hyun had agreed to marriage under the condition that they would not have children, but this causes friction between the couple later on.

In the interview, Lee Ga Ryung said, “I was happy to live for a while as the smoky-eyed Boo Hye Ryung, who received both love and hatred. I feel regretful that we weren’t able to have a big wrap party because of COVID-19. It still doesn’t feel like it’s over.”

She added, “In the second season, I wanted people to see Hye Ryung’s heart, which she doesn’t show on the outside. She has no family in Korea and is standing all on her own, so she is tough and straightforward with other people in order to protect herself. She’s not someone who has no affection or love in her heart at all.”

The actress also spoke about working with Sung Hoon, who played her husband, and Lee Min Young, who played her husband’s lover. “There were lots of things I was experiencing on set for the first time, and he helped and took care of me so that I could act comfortably,” she said. “I’m very lucky to have met a co-star who was so considerate of me. Even though Hye Ryung and Song Won were enemies in the drama… We didn’t have any scenes together in the first season and there weren’t many chances to meet in the dressing rooms, but whenever we did see each other, it always felt welcome. I think it’s because Lee Min Young carries with her a comfortable and gentle aura. I was always waiting for the chance to act opposite of her. Even the scene in which we fought and grabbed each other’s hair was able to turn out well because of her.”

About Boo Hye Ryung’s signature smoky-eyed makeup, she said, “Thick makeup wears off over time, so we had to keep touching it up between takes. My eyelids got dry from the thick makeup and I experienced some allergies, and the long and heavy false eyelashes fatigued my eyes. But I also felt a sense of pressure about making the other actors wait because I had a longer makeup time than them. I worked hard to run between the makeup room and the set.”

She added, “References to the makeup come out once in a while in the drama. There’s one in a restaurant where a kid calls me a raccoon, and my mother-in-law asks if I can’t take off my eyelashes, and my husband says that thick makeup makes him uncomfortable. But my character doesn’t listen to anyone and says, ‘So what! I’m me!’ I think that the makeup represents her personality and her lifestyle. To take it off represents a big change of heart for her. It got to the point where I felt weird going around with no makeup on.”

The interviewer asked the actress what she would have done if she had found herself in a similar situation as her character. She replied, “If I got married to someone under the premise that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with them, as long as there wasn’t a child, I could have forgiven one affair. If I was in Hye Ryung’s situation, I also would have asked for the villa and the maintenance fees and the reduced taxes. It’s not like I can get recompense for emotional pain or the repercussions on the rest of my life. Money is good, but for Lee Ga Ryung, my heart is more important than assets. I would keep my heart safe!”

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